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Übersetzung Shirley Bassey Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Shirley Bassey

  1. This Is My Life Songtext
  2. Yesterday When I Was Young Songtext
  3. La Vita Songtext
  4. Kiss Me Honey Honey Songtext
  5. I Am What I Am Songtext

Shirley Bassey Alben

Shirley Bassey: Born To Sing The Blues (2012)

On TV, Vol. 2 (2010)

Diamond Diva (2009)

The Complete EMI Columbia Singles Collection (2006)

Thank You For The Years (2003)

Sings The Standards (2001)

The Diamond Collection (1998)

Let Me Sing And I'm Happy (1998)

Four Decades Of Song (1996)

  1. Something Songtext
  2. As Long As He Needs Me Songtext
  3. Goldfinger Songtext
  4. With These Hands Songtext
  5. Don't Rain On My Parade Songtext
  6. In The Still Of The Night Songtext
  7. Feelings Songtext
  8. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life Songtext
  9. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? Songtext
  10. Cry Me A River Songtext
  11. You'd Better Love Me (Live) Songtext
  12. Imagination Songtext
  13. All Of Me Songtext
  14. The Days Of Wine And Roses Songtext
  15. If You Love Me (I Won't Care) Songtext
  16. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing Songtext
  17. As If We Never Said Goodbye Songtext
  18. Don't Cry For Me Argentina Songtext
  19. The Look Of Love Songtext
  20. Bridge Over Troubled Water Songtext
  21. My Way Songtext
  22. Funny Girl Songtext
  23. It's Impossible Songtext
  24. Breakfast In Bed Songtext
  25. One Less Bell To Answer Songtext
  26. Greatest Love Of All Songtext
  27. You Never Done It Like That Songtext
  28. Better Off Alone Songtext
  29. As We Fall In Love Once More Songtext
  30. Night Moves Songtext
  31. Anyone Who Had A Heart Songtext
  32. The Magic Is You Songtext
  33. How Insensitive Songtext
  34. Run On And On And On Songtext
  35. I'll Be Your Audience Songtext
  36. All In Love Is Fair Songtext
  37. The Way We Were Songtext
  38. What I Did For Love Songtext
  39. Emotion Songtext
  40. Good Bad But Beautiful Songtext
  41. Where Or When Songtext
  42. Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me Songtext
  43. Ave Maria Songtext
  44. My Special Dream Songtext
  45. Let There Be Love Songtext
  46. I've Got You Under My Skin Songtext
  47. In Other Words (Fly Me To The Moon) Songtext
  48. Just One Of Those Things Songtext
  49. Secret Love Songtext
  50. Born To Lose Songtext
  51. Come Back To Me Songtext
  52. If I Were A Bell Songtext
  53. Something Wonderful Songtext
  54. He Loves Me Songtext

Bassey: The EMI/UA Years 1959-1979 (1994)

  1. 'S Wonderful Songtext
  2. As Long As He Needs Me Songtext
  3. You'll Never Know Songtext
  4. So In Love Songtext
  5. Reach For The Stars Songtext
  6. Who Are We? Songtext
  7. I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You) Songtext
  8. Tonight Songtext
  9. What Now My Love Songtext
  10. Above All Others Songtext
  11. It Could Happen To You Songtext
  12. It All Depends On You Songtext
  13. I (Who Have Nothing) Songtext
  14. Gone Songtext
  15. How Can You Believe? Songtext
  16. Goldfinger Songtext
  17. My Child Songtext
  18. Seesaw Of Dreams Songtext
  19. It's Yourself Songtext
  20. Secrets Songtext
  21. Stay On The Island Songtext
  22. Once In A Lifetime Songtext
  23. The Liquidator Songtext
  24. Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Songtext
  25. The Boy From Ipanema Songtext
  26. More Songtext
  27. A House Is Not A Home Songtext
  28. Don't Take The Lovers From The World Songtext
  29. Take Away Songtext
  30. I've Got A Song For You Songtext
  31. Shirley Songtext
  32. Give Him Your Love Songtext
  33. And We Were Lovers Songtext
  34. Who Could Love Me Songtext
  35. Do I Look Like A Fool Songtext
  36. Big Spender Songtext
  37. Dangerous Games Songtext
  38. This Is My Life Songtext
  39. I Must Know Songtext
  40. Without A Word Songtext
  41. If He Walked Into My Life Songtext
  42. To Give Songtext
  43. My Love Has Two Faces Songtext
  44. Clown Town Songtext
  45. Does Anybody Miss Me Songtext
  46. I'll Never Fall In Love Again Songtext
  47. (You Are) My Way Of Life Songtext
  48. The Bus That Never Comes Songtext
  49. Fa Fa Fa (Live For Today) Songtext
  50. Something Songtext
  51. Spinning Wheel Songtext
  52. Yesterday I Heard The Rain Songtext
  53. Sea And Sand Songtext
  54. What About Today? Songtext
  55. You And I Songtext
  56. Light My Fire Songtext
  57. Yesterday, When I Was Young Songtext
  58. Fool On The Hill Songtext
  59. (Where Do I Begin) Love Story Songtext
  60. 'Till Love Touches Your Life Songtext
  61. For The Love Of Him Songtext
  62. Vehicle Songtext
  63. Diamonds Are Forever Songtext
  64. The Way A Woman Loves Songtext
  65. For All We Know Songtext
  66. The Greatest Performance Of My Life Songtext
  67. Lost And Lonely Songtext
  68. The Way Of Love Songtext
  69. Day By Day Songtext
  70. Ballad Of The Sad Young Men Songtext
  71. If I Should Love Again Songtext
  72. Let Me Be The One Songtext
  73. Never, Never, Never Songtext
  74. Somehow Songtext
  75. Going, Going, Gone Songtext
  76. Make The World A Little Younger Songtext
  77. Everything I Own Songtext
  78. All That Love Went To Waste Songtext
  79. I'm Not Anyone Songtext
  80. Jesse Songtext
  81. Living Songtext
  82. Natalie Songtext
  83. If I Never Sing Another Song Songtext
  84. Can't Take My Eyes Off You Songtext
  85. You Take My Heart Away Songtext
  86. Come In From The Rain Songtext
  87. Tomorrow Morning Songtext
  88. Razzle Dazzle Songtext
  89. You Made Me Love You Songtext
  90. My Man Songtext
  91. Nature Boy Songtext
  92. The Greatest Love Of All Songtext
  93. Moonraker Songtext
  94. One In A Lifetime Songtext
  95. Just One Of Those Things Songtext
  96. Burn My Candle (At Both Ends) Songtext
  97. All The Things You Are Songtext
  98. If I Were A Bell Songtext
  99. A Lot Of Livin' To Do Songtext
  100. No Regrets Songtext
  101. Typically English Songtext
  102. In Other Words (Fly Me To The Moon) Songtext
  103. Please Mr. Brown Songtext
  104. I'm A Fool To Want You Songtext
  105. You Songtext
  106. Johnny One Note Songtext
  107. I Could Have Danced All Night Songtext
  108. A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening (Instrumental) Songtext

The Love Album (1994)

I'm In The Mood For Love (1989)

Other Songs

  1. A House Is Not A Home Songtext
  2. Everything I Own Songtext
  3. Kiss Me, Honey, Honey, Kiss Me Songtext
  4. La Passione Songtext
  5. Moonraker Songtext
  6. The Boy From Ipanema Songtext
  7. The Lady Is A Tramp Songtext
  8. Kiss Me Honey Honey Songtext
  9. After The Rain Songtext
  10. All I Ask Of You Songtext
  11. Almost There Songtext
  12. Apartment Songtext
  13. Basin Street Blues Songtext
  14. Born To Lose Songtext
  15. Can You Read My Mind? Songtext
  16. Crazy Rhythm Songtext
  17. Crazy Songtext
  18. Dio Come Ti Amo (Oh God, How Much I Love You) Songtext
  19. Easy Thing To Do (Nightmares On Wax) Songtext
  20. Funny Girl Songtext
  21. Greatest Love Of All Songtext
  22. Hands Across The Sea Songtext
  23. Hey Jude Songtext
  24. How About You? Songtext
  25. How Do You Keep The Music Playing? Songtext
  26. How Insensitive Songtext
  27. I Should Care Songtext
  28. I'm In The Mood For Love Songtext
  29. If We Only Have Love Songtext
  30. Jezahel Songtext
  31. Lady Is A Tramp Songtext
  32. Let Me Sing And I'm Happy Songtext
  33. Let's Face The Music And Dance Songtext
  34. Love Story Songtext
  35. Macavity Songtext
  36. Nice Men Songtext
  37. No Good About Goodbye Songtext
  38. So In Love Songtext
  39. Spring Is Here Songtext
  40. Still Songtext
  41. That's What Friends Are For Songtext
  42. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Songtext
  43. The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face Songtext
  44. The Hungry Years Songtext
  45. The Second Time Around Songtext
  46. The Shadow Of Your Smile Songtext
  47. The Wind Beneath My Wings Songtext
  48. There's Never Been A Night Songtext
  49. This Time Songtext
  50. To Be Loved By A Man Songtext
  51. Tonight My Heart She Is Crying Songtext
  52. Try A Little Tenderness Songtext
  53. Vehicle Songtext
  54. What About Today Songtext
  55. What I Did For Love Songtext
  56. Where Or When Songtext
  57. Yestarday Songtext
  58. 'Disco' La Passione Songtext
  59. A Lot Of Living To Do Songtext
  60. Adam And Eve Songtext
  61. After The Lights Go Down Low Songtext
  62. All Time High Songtext
  63. Alone Again (Naturally) Songtext
  64. And We Were Lovers Songtext
  65. Anyone Who Had A Heart Songtext
  66. Ballad Of The Sad Young Men Songtext
  67. Banana Boat Song Songtext
  68. C'est La Vie Songtext
  69. Can't Help Falling In Love Songtext
  70. Climb Ev'ry Mountain (The Sound Of Music) Songtext
  71. Dio Come Ti Amo (Oh God How Much I Love You) Songtext
  72. Don't Get Around Much Anymore Songtext
  73. Eleanor Rigby Songtext
  74. Everything That Touches You Songtext
  75. Everything's Coming Up Roses Songtext
  76. Get The Party Started (Multimedia Track) Songtext
  77. Greatest Performance Of My Life Songtext
  78. He Was Beautiful Songtext
  79. History Repeating Songtext
  80. Hoy No Tengo Nada (I Who Have Nothing) Songtext
  81. I Just Have To Breathe Songtext
  82. I Will Survive Songtext
  83. I'd Do It All Again Songtext
  84. I'll Never Sing Another Song Songtext
  85. If I Had A Needle And Thread Songtext
  86. If You Love Me (Hymn A L'Amor) Songtext
  87. It's Always 4 A.M. Songtext
  88. Johnny One Note Songtext
  89. La Vita Songtext
  90. Magic Is You Songtext
  91. Memory (Reprise) Songtext
  92. Midnight Blue Songtext
  93. Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Songtext
  94. New York Medley: New York, New York/New York, New York Songtext
  95. Night Moves Songtext
  96. Nobody Does It Like Me Songtext
  97. Now You Want To Be Loved (Des Rondes Dans L'Eau Songtext
  98. One Of Those Songs (Girls Of De Folies Bergère) Songtext
  99. People Songtext
  100. Razzle Dazzle Songtext
  101. Reach For The Stars Songtext
  102. Rhythm Divine Songtext
  103. Solitare Songtext
  104. Someday Songtext
  105. Somehow Songtext
  106. Something Wonderful Songtext
  107. Sometimes Songtext
  108. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word Songtext
  109. Sunny Songtext
  110. Sunshine Songtext
  111. That's Life Songtext
  112. That's What Friends Are For 2005 Songtext
  113. The Joker Songtext
  114. The Liquidator Songtext
  115. The Power Of Love Songtext
  116. The Way I Want To Touch You Songtext
  117. There Will Never Be Another You Songtext
  118. This Is My Lifge Songtext
  119. This One's For You Songtext
  120. Till Songtext
  121. Tomorrow Morning Songtext
  122. Tonight My Heart Is Crying Songtext
  123. Vehicle (1994 Digital Remaster) Songtext
  124. Where Do I Begin Songtext
  125. Who Am I? Songtext
  126. With One Look Songtext
  127. Without You Songtext
  128. You Can Have Him Songtext

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