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Beliebte Lieder von XTC

  1. Dear God Songtext
  2. Complicated Game Songtext
  3. Senses Working Overtime Songtext
  4. Then She Appeared Songtext
  5. Making Plans For Nigel Songtext

XTC Alben

Coat Of Many Cupboards (2002)

  1. Science Friction Songtext
  2. Spinning Top Songtext
  3. Traffic Light Rock Songtext
  4. Radios In Motion Songtext
  5. Let's Have Fun Songtext
  6. Fireball XL5/Fireball Dub Songtext
  7. Heatwave Mark 2 Deluxe Songtext
  8. This Is Pop Songtext
  9. Are You Receiving Me? Songtext
  10. Things Fall To Bits Songtext
  11. Us Being Us Songtext
  12. Life Begins At The Hop Songtext
  13. Making Plans For Nigel Songtext
  14. Ten Feet Tall Songtext
  15. Sleepyheads Songtext
  16. Wanking Man Songtext
  17. Meccanic Dancing (Oh We Go!) Songtext
  18. Into The Atom Age Songtext
  19. Real By Reel Songtext
  20. When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty Songtext
  21. Helicopter Songtext
  22. Towers Of London Songtext
  23. Generals And Majors Songtext
  24. No Language In Our Lungs Songtext
  25. Sgt Rock (Is Going To Help Me) Songtext
  26. Paper And Iron (Notes And Coins) Songtext
  27. Crowded Room Songtext
  28. Senses Working Overtime Songtext
  29. Snowman Songtext
  30. Ball And Chain Songtext
  31. Shaving Brush Boogie Songtext
  32. Punch And Judy Songtext
  33. Fly On The Wall Songtext
  34. Yacht Dance Songtext
  35. Jason And The Argonauts Songtext
  36. Love On A Farmboy's Wages Songtext
  37. Wonderland Songtext
  38. Ladybird Songtext
  39. All You Pretty Girls Songtext
  40. Wake Up Songtext
  41. The Everyday Story Of Smalltown Songtext
  42. Grass Songtext
  43. Let's Make A Den Songtext
  44. The Meeting Place Songtext
  45. Dear God Songtext
  46. The Dukes Of Stratosphear:Brainiac's Daughter Songtext
  47. The Dukes Of Stratosphear:Vanishing Girl Songtext
  48. Terrorism Songtext
  49. Find The Fox Songtext
  50. Season Cycle Songtext
  51. The Troubles Songtext
  52. The Mayor Of Simpleton Songtext
  53. King For A Day Songtext
  54. Chalkhills And Children Songtext
  55. The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead Songtext
  56. Omnibus Songtext
  57. The Disappointed Songtext
  58. Bungalow Songtext
  59. Didn't Hurt A Bit Songtext
  60. Books Are Burning Songtext
  61. This Is Pop? Songtext

Upsy Daisy Assortment (1997)

Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-92 (1996)

Nonsuch (1992)

Rag & Bone Buffet: Rare Cuts & Leftovers (1990)

Oranges & Lemons (1989)

The Compact XTC: The Singles 1978-85 (1987)

Skylarking (1986)

Black Sea (1980)

Drums And Wires (1979)

Other Songs

  1. (The Everyday Story Of) Smalltown Songtext
  2. 25 O'Clock Songtext
  3. Always Winter But Never Christmas Songtext
  4. Am I The Kind Of Girl Who Could Be Your Boyfriend? Songtext
  5. Bags Of Fun With Buster Songtext
  6. Blue Beret Songtext
  7. Blue In Paradise Songtext
  8. Broomstick Rhythm Songtext
  9. Bull With Golden Guts Songtext
  10. Cairo Songtext
  11. Chalkhills & Children Songtext
  12. Cherry In Your Tree Songtext
  13. Child Crusade Songtext
  14. Commerciality Songtext
  15. Cross Wires Songtext
  16. Difficult Age Songtext
  17. Disque Bleu Songtext
  18. Don't You Ever Dare Call Me Chickenhead Songtext
  19. Down A Peg Songtext
  20. Dripping Basin Songtext
  21. Everything Songtext
  22. Glow Songtext
  23. Goodbye Humanosaurus Songtext
  24. Goosey Goosey Songtext
  25. Heads Songtext
  26. I Don't Want To Be Here Songtext
  27. I Sit In The Snow Songtext
  28. ID Like That Songtext
  29. It's Snowing Angels Songtext
  30. Living In A Haunted Heart Songtext
  31. Mayor Of Simpleton Songtext
  32. Merry Christmas Song Songtext
  33. Moonlit Drive Songtext
  34. Mopti Fake Songtext
  35. Motorcycle Landscape Songtext
  36. My Paint Heroes Songtext
  37. My Train Is Coming Songtext
  38. New Broom Songtext
  39. No One Here Available Songtext
  40. Obscene Procession Songtext
  41. Pale & Precious Songtext
  42. Paper And Iron Songtext
  43. Papersnow Songtext
  44. Prince Of Orange Songtext
  45. Private Eye Songtext
  46. Quicksilver Songtext
  47. Ra Ra For Red Rocking Horse Songtext
  48. Reign Of Blows (Vote No Violence!) Songtext
  49. Ridgeway Path Songtext
  50. Rip Van Ruben Songtext
  51. Rocket Songtext
  52. Saturn Boy Songtext
  53. Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me) Songtext
  54. Shaking Skin House Songtext
  55. Shore Leave Ornithology Songtext
  56. Skeletons Songtext
  57. Space Wray Songtext
  58. Star Park Songtext
  59. The Good Things Songtext
  60. The History Of Rock N Roll Songtext
  61. The Rotary Songtext
  62. The Ship Trapped In The Ice Songtext
  63. This Is The End Songtext
  64. Was A Yes Songtext
  65. What In The World?... Songtext
  66. When We Get To England Songtext
  67. Work Songtext
  68. Young Cleopatra Songtext
  69. Zonked Right Out (On Life) Songtext
  70. I'd Like That Songtext
  71. Goodnight Sucker Songtext
  72. Dear God/ko Songtext
  73. History Of Rock'n' Roll Songtext
  74. I'll Sety Myself On Fire Songtext
  75. Instant Tunes - Non-LP Track Songtext
  76. New Town Animal In A Furnashed Cage Songtext
  77. Science Friction - Non-LP Track Songtext
  78. Your Dictonary Songtext
  79. Always Winter Never Christmas (Home Demo) Songtext
  80. Always Winter Never Christmas Songtext
  81. Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead Songtext
  82. Green Man Songtext
  83. Last Balloon Songtext
  84. Rhythm Songtext
  85. The Forgotten Language Of Light Songtext
  86. When Youre Near Me I Have Difficulty Songtext
  87. Always Winter, Never Christmas Songtext
  88. Mr. Partridge:The Forgotten Language Of Light Songtext

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