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Vintage Tech LYRICS

Songtexte Tech N9ne - Vintage Tech auf Deutsch

  1. Lost Lair Of B'zle Songtext
  2. Monster Songtext
  3. S.H.E. (Seductive Human Erotica) Songtext
  4. Krizz Kaliko:Save Yourself Songtext
  5. Now It's On Songtext
  6. Be Jealous Songtext
  7. Red Necro Songtext
  8. The Grench Songtext
  9. I'm A Playa (Remix) Songtext
  10. Trapped In A Psycho's Body (Original) Songtext
  11. Freaky Songtext
  12. My Own Hell Songtext
  13. Victory Songtext
  14. Mitchell Bade Songtext
  15. Strange Songtext
  16. Snake Ya Songtext
  17. Shocked Songtext
  18. Outro Songtext
  19. Save Yourself Songtext

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