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Transmetropolitan LYRICS

Songtexte War From A Harlots Mouth - Transmetropolitan auf Deutsch

  1. How To Disconnect From Your Social Surrounding In Half An Hour Songtext
  2. Heeey Let's Start A Band Songtext
  3. The District Attorneys Are Selling Your Blood Songtext
  4. Trife Life Songtext
  5. Fighting Wars With Keyboards Songtext
  6. Mulder Songtext
  7. Thousand Compliments, One Answer Songtext
  8. If You Want To Blame Us For Something Wrong Please Abuse This Song, Songtext
  9. Riding Dead Horses Is A Fuckin Curse Songtext
  10. Transmetropolitan Songtext
  11. And In The Right To Make Mistakes We Are Loose And Start Again Songtext

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