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The Very Best Of Jackie Wilson LYRICS

Songtexte Jackie Wilson - The Very Best Of Jackie Wilson auf Deutsch

  1. Reet Petite Songtext
  2. Lonely Teardrops Songtext
  3. To Be Loved Songtext
  4. That's Why (I Love You So) Songtext
  5. It's All A Part Of Love (I'll Be Satisfied) Songtext
  6. Doggin' Around Songtext
  7. Lonely Life Songtext
  8. Night Songtext
  9. You Better Know It Songtext
  10. Talk That Talk Songtext
  11. Am I The Man Songtext
  12. I'm Comin' On Back To You Songtext
  13. A Woman, A Lover, A Friend Songtext
  14. Baby Workout Songtext
  15. Sqeeze Her, Tease Her (But Love Her) Songtext
  16. No Pity (In The Naked City) Songtext
  17. Whispers (Gettin' Louder) Songtext
  18. I Get The Sweetest Feeling Songtext
  19. Since You Showed Me How To Be Happy Songtext
  20. Love Is Funny That Way Songtext
  21. Just Be Sincere Songtext
  22. Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher And Higher Songtext
  23. You Got Me Walking Songtext
  24. This Love Is Real (I Can Feel Those Vibrations) Songtext
  25. I'll Be Satisfied Songtext

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