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The Ascension LYRICS

Songtexte Otep - The Ascension auf Deutsch

  1. Eat The Children Songtext
  2. Crooked Spoons Songtext
  3. Perfectly Flawed Songtext
  4. Confrontation Songtext
  5. Milk Of Regret Songtext
  6. Noose And Nail Songtext
  7. Ghostflowers Songtext
  8. Breed Songtext
  9. March Of The Martyrs Songtext
  10. Invisible Songtext
  11. Home Grown Songtext
  12. Communion Songtext
  13. Adrenochrome Dreams Songtext
  14. Special Pets Songtext
  15. Necessary Accesories Songtext
  16. Eet The Children Songtext

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