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Other Songs LYRICS

Songtexte Your Shapeless Beauty - Other Songs auf Deutsch

  1. An Orchid In My Belfry (Nocturnal Call Part 2) Songtext
  2. Au Delà Du Voile Songtext
  3. Contempt Songtext
  4. Dark Retalations Songtext
  5. Dark Retaliations Songtext
  6. Darkness My Bride Songtext
  7. Deities In The Dew Songtext
  8. Empyreal Dispair Songtext
  9. Equinoctial Desires Songtext
  10. Goddess Of Lust Songtext
  11. Gothic Visions Songtext
  12. I'Ll Be Your Shadow God Songtext
  13. Last Ember From The Past Songtext
  14. Le Berceau De L'ange (Nocturnal Call Part 3) Songtext
  15. Le Berceau De LAnge (Nocturnal Call Part 3) Songtext
  16. Le Chant Des Bannis (Nocturnal Call Pt 1) Songtext
  17. Mourning Of A New Day Songtext
  18. Of Roaches And Shades... Songtext
  19. On The Wings Of The Black Rain Songtext
  20. Prelude Nø 3 Songtext
  21. Rotten Love Songtext
  22. Récital Pour Une Agonie Céleste Songtext
  23. Sine Sole Nihil Songtext
  24. Song For A Ghost Songtext
  25. The Awakening Songtext
  26. The Forthcoming Answer Songtext
  27. The Heretic Side Of Wisdom Songtext
  28. Those Winds I Shall Ride Songtext
  29. Wolves Are Not Yours Songtext
  30. Your Shapeless Beauty Songtext

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