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Other Songs LYRICS

Songtexte George Clinton - Other Songs auf Deutsch

  1. As In Songtext
  2. Give Up The Funk (We Want The Funk) Songtext
  3. Heart Trouble Songtext
  4. Our Day Will Come Songtext
  5. Pledging My Love Songtext
  6. Quickie Songtext
  7. The Tracey Ullman Show ("You're Thinking Right") Songtext
  8. Atomic Dogs Songtext
  9. Bop Gun (Endangered Species) Songtext
  10. Cosmic Slop Songtext
  11. Do That Stuff Songtext
  12. Dr. Funkenstein Songtext
  13. Flashlight Songtext
  14. Funkentelechy Songtext
  15. My Sharona Songtext
  16. Synthesizer Songtext
  17. The One Songtext
  18. Up For The Down Stroke Songtext
  19. We Do This Songtext
  20. You're Thinking Right Songtext
  21. Summer Swim Lyrics Songtext
  22. Let's Take It To The Stage Songtext

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