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It's A Blue World LYRICS

Songtexte Ella Fitzgerald - It's A Blue World auf Deutsch

  1. Oh, Johnny Songtext
  2. I Want The Waiter With The Water Songtext
  3. 'Tain't What You Do Songtext
  4. Starlit Hour Songtext
  5. Sing Song Swing Songtext
  6. It' A Blue World Songtext
  7. Is There Somebody Else? Songtext
  8. Chewing Gum Songtext
  9. Sugar Blues Songtext
  10. Rock It For Me Baby Songtext
  11. Hallelujah Songtext
  12. My Heart Belongs To Daddy Songtext
  13. I'll Chase The Blues Away Songtext
  14. Love And Kisses Songtext
  15. Rhythm And Romance Songtext
  16. Crying My Heart Out For You Songtext
  17. Under The Spell Of The Blues Songtext
  18. When I Get Low I Get High Songtext
  19. 'Tain't What You Do (It's The Way What Cha Do It) Songtext
  20. Oh, Johnny, Oh! Songtext
  21. The Starlit Hour Songtext
  22. It's A Blue World Songtext
  23. Rock It For Me Songtext
  24. Hallelujah! Songtext
  25. 'Tain't What You Do (It's The Way That Cha Do It) Songtext

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