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Every Man A King LYRICS

Songtexte James Reyne - Every Man A King auf Deutsch

  1. Little Man You've Had A Busy Day Songtext
  2. Stop Draggin' My Name Around Songtext
  3. Mr. International Songtext
  4. Sammy And Doofus And Our Man In New York Songtext
  5. Light In The Tunnel Songtext
  6. Cry Baby Killer Songtext
  7. Broken Romeo Songtext
  8. Superannuated Idol Songtext
  9. I'm A Man Songtext
  10. Lapis Lazuli Songtext
  11. The Postman Songtext
  12. Light In The Tunnel (Reprise) Songtext
  13. Brandy Of The Damned Songtext

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