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Burn And Rise LYRICS

Songtexte Mad Sin - Burn And Rise auf Deutsch

  1. Intro Songtext
  2. Last Gang Standing Songtext
  3. Cursed Songtext
  4. Geisterfahrer Songtext
  5. Wreckhouse Stomp Songtext
  6. 9 Lives Songtext
  7. Sex, Love, Blood'n'Death Songtext
  8. Back From The Morgue Songtext
  9. Shitlist Bop Songtext
  10. No Control Songtext
  11. The March Of The Deviants Songtext
  12. Won't See The Sunrise Anymore Songtext
  13. Für Immer Songtext
  14. She's Evil Songtext
  15. They Come To Take You away Songtext
  16. Am I Human? Songtext
  17. Devils Tail Songtext
  18. Kicked Down Low, Get Back Up! Songtext
  19. Burn & Rise! Songtext

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