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A Pile Of Rock: Live LYRICS

Songtexte Dave Edmunds - A Pile Of Rock: Live auf Deutsch

  1. King Of Love Songtext
  2. Standing At The Crossroads Songtext
  3. Ju Ju Man Songtext
  4. Stop Messin' Around Songtext
  5. Queen Of Hearts Songtext
  6. I Hear You Knockin' Songtext
  7. I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock & Roll) Songtext
  8. Lady Madonna Songtext
  9. The Wanderer Songtext
  10. Here Comes The Weekend Songtext
  11. Sabre Dance Songtext
  12. I'm Ready Songtext
  13. Crawling From The Wreckage Songtext
  14. Sweet Little Rock 'N' Roller Songtext
  15. Let It Rock Songtext
  16. I Hear You Knocking Songtext
  17. I Knew The Bride Songtext

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