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Übersetzung Willie Nelson Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Willie Nelson

  1. A Woman's Love Songtext
  2. The Scientist Songtext
  3. Just Breathe Songtext
  4. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain Songtext
  5. Are You Sure Songtext

Willie Nelson Alben

Django & Jimmie (2015)

Willie's Stash, Vol. 1: December Day (2014)

To All The Girls.. (2013)

  1. WWillie Nelson & Dolly Parton:From Here To The Moon And Back Songtext
  2. Willie Nelson & Miranda Lambert:She Was No Good For Me Songtext
  3. Willie Nelson & The Secret Sisters:It Won't Be Very Long Songtext
  4. Willie Nelson & Rosanne Cash:Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends Songtext
  5. Willie Nelson & Sheryl Crow:Far Away Places Songtext
  6. Willie Nelson & Wynonna Judd:Bloody Mary Morning Songtext
  7. Willie Nelson & Carrie Underwood:Always On My Mind Songtext
  8. Willie Nelson & Loretta Lynn:Somewhere Between Songtext
  9. Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss:No Mas Amor Songtext
  10. Willie Nelson & Melonie Cannon:Back To Earth Songtext
  11. Willie Nelson & Mavis Staples:Grandma's Hands Songtext
  12. Willie Nelson & Norah Jones:Walkin' Songtext
  13. Willie Nelson & Shelby Lynne:Till The End Of The World Songtext
  14. WWillie Nelson & Lily Meola:Will You Remember Mine Songtext
  15. Willie Nelson & Emmylou Harris:Dry Lightning Songtext
  16. Willie Nelson & Brandi Carlile:Making Believe Songtext
  17. Willie Nelson & Paula Nelson:Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Songtext
  18. Willie Nelson & Tina Rose:After The Fire Is Gone Songtext
  19. From Here To The Moon And Back Songtext
  20. She Was No Good For Me Songtext
  21. It Won't Be Very Long Songtext
  22. Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends Songtext
  23. Far Away Places Songtext
  24. Bloody Mary Morning Songtext
  25. Always On My Mind Songtext
  26. Somewhere Between Songtext
  27. No Mas Amor Songtext
  28. Back To Earth Songtext
  29. Grandma's Hands Songtext
  30. Walkin' Songtext
  31. Till The End Of The World Songtext
  32. Will You Remember Mine Songtext
  33. Dry Lightning Songtext
  34. Making Believe Songtext
  35. Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Songtext
  36. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:Far Away Places Songtext
  37. Will You Remember? Songtext

Here We Go Again: Celebrating The Genius Of Ray Charles (2011)

Lost Highway (2009)

Two Men With The Blues (2008)

Last Of The Breed (2007)

16 Biggest Hits, Volume II (2007)

Songs For Tsunami Relief: Austin To South Asia (2005)

Outlaws And Angels (2004)

Willie Nelson & Friends: Live And Kickin' (2003)

Picture In A Frame (2003)

Stars & Guitars (2002)

VH1 Storytellers: Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson (1998)

The Essential Willie Nelson (1995)

Revolutions Of Time...The Journey 1975/1993 (1995)

  1. Time Of The Preacher Songtext
  2. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain Songtext
  3. If You've Got The Money (I've Got The Time) Songtext
  4. Uncloudy Day Songtext
  5. Always Late (With Your Kisses) Songtext
  6. Georgia On My Mind Songtext
  7. Blue Skies Songtext
  8. Whiskey River Songtext
  9. Stay All Night (Stay A Little Longer) Songtext
  10. Mr. Record Man Songtext
  11. Loving Her Was Easier Songtext
  12. Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys Songtext
  13. My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys Songtext
  14. It's Not Supposed To Be That Way Songtext
  15. On The Road Again Songtext
  16. Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground Songtext
  17. Mona Lisa Songtext
  18. Always On My Mind Songtext
  19. Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning Songtext
  20. The Party's Over Songtext
  21. Summertime Songtext
  22. Faded Love Songtext
  23. Night Life Songtext
  24. Pancho And Lefty Songtext
  25. Old Friends Songtext
  26. In The Jailhouse Now Songtext
  27. Everything's Beautiful (In Its Own Way) Songtext
  28. Take It To The Limit Songtext
  29. To All The Girls I've Loved Before Songtext
  30. How Do You Feel About Foolin' Around Songtext
  31. Seven Spanish Angels Songtext
  32. Hello Walls Songtext
  33. I'm Movin' On Songtext
  34. The Highwaymen:Highwayman Songtext
  35. Slow Movin' Outlaw Songtext
  36. Are There Any More Real Cowboys Songtext
  37. Carlos Santana:They All Went To Mexico Songtext
  38. Half A Man Songtext
  39. Texas On A Saturday Night Songtext
  40. Heartland Songtext
  41. Nobody Slides, My Friend Songtext
  42. Little Old Fashioned Karma Songtext
  43. Harbor Lights Songtext
  44. Without A Song Songtext
  45. Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues Songtext
  46. City Of New Orleans Songtext
  47. Who'll Buy My Memories Songtext
  48. Write Your Own Songs Songtext
  49. Forgiving You Was Easy Songtext
  50. Me And Paul Songtext
  51. When I Dream Songtext
  52. My Own Peculiar Way Songtext
  53. Living In The Promiseland Songtext
  54. There Is No Easy Way (But There Is A Way) Songtext
  55. Ole Buttermilk Sky Songtext
  56. Horse Called Music Songtext
  57. Nothing I Can Do About It Now Songtext
  58. Is The Better Part Over Songtext
  59. Ain't Necessarily So Songtext
  60. Still Is Still Moving To Me Songtext
  61. Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson:Pancho And Lefty Songtext
  62. Who'll Buy My Memories? Songtext
  63. A Horse Called Music Songtext
  64. Ray Charles & Willie Nelson:Seven Spanish Angels Songtext
  65. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:Summertime Songtext

Moonlight Becomes You (1994)

The IRS Tapes: Who'll Buy My Memories (1992)

Sings 28 Great Songs (1988)

Seashores Of Old Mexico (1987)

Half Nelson (1985)

Pancho & Lefty (1982)

Waylon And Willie: WWII (1982)

WWII (1982)

Greatest Hits (& Some That Will Be) (1981)

One For The Road (1979)

  1. Detour Songtext
  2. I Saw The Light Songtext
  3. Heartbreak Hotel Songtext
  4. Let The Rest Of The World Go By Songtext
  5. Trouble In Mind Songtext
  6. Don't Fence Me In Songtext
  7. The Wild Side Of Life Songtext
  8. Ridin' Down The Canyon Songtext
  9. Sioux City Sue Songtext
  10. You Are My Sunshine Songtext
  11. Danny Boy Songtext
  12. Always Songtext
  13. Summertime Songtext
  14. Because Of You Songtext
  15. Am I Blue Songtext
  16. Tenderly Songtext
  17. Far Away Places Songtext
  18. That Lucky Old Sun Songtext
  19. Stormy Weather Songtext
  20. One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) Songtext
  21. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:Detour Songtext
  22. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:I Saw The Light Songtext
  23. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:Heartbreak Hotel Songtext
  24. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:Let The Rest Of The World Go By Songtext
  25. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:Trouble In Mind Songtext
  26. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:Don't Fence Me In Songtext
  27. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:The Wild Side Of Life Songtext
  28. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:Ridin' Down The Canyon Songtext
  29. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:Sioux City Sue Songtext
  30. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:You Are My Sunshine Songtext
  31. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:Danny Boy Songtext
  32. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:Always Songtext
  33. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:Summertime Songtext
  34. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:Because Of You Songtext
  35. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:Am I Blue Songtext
  36. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:Tenderly Songtext
  37. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:Far Away Places Songtext
  38. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:That Lucky Old Sun Songtext
  39. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:Stormy Weather Songtext
  40. Willie Nelson & Leon Russell:One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) Songtext

Waylon & Willie (1978)

Red Headed Stranger (1975)

Phases And Stages (1974)

[[Honeysuckle Rose (1980)|Honeysuckle Rose (1980)]]

Other Songs

  1. Building Heartaches Songtext
  2. Johnny One Time Songtext
  3. Luckenbach, Texas Songtext
  4. One With The Sun Songtext
  5. Please Don't Leave Me Any More Darlin' Songtext
  6. Remember Me (When The Candle Lights Are Gleaming) Songtext
  7. Shotgun And A Pistol Songtext
  8. Slow Dancing Songtext
  9. Suffer In Silence Songtext
  10. Walkin' Songtext
  11. Billy Currington & Willie Nelson:Hard To Be A Hippie Songtext
  12. A House Is Not A Home Songtext
  13. After The Fire Is Gone Songtext
  14. All The Girls I Loved Before Songtext
  15. Always Late (With Your Ksses) Songtext
  16. America The Beautiful Songtext
  17. Angel Flying To Close To The Ground - With Shelby Lynne Songtext
  18. Angel Flying Too Close Songtext
  19. Away In A Manger Songtext
  20. Bloody Merry Morning Songtext
  21. Blue Hawaii Songtext
  22. Deck The Halls Songtext
  23. Don't Go To Strangers Songtext
  24. Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me Songtext
  25. Drivin' Nails In My Coffin Songtext
  26. Everything's Beautiful Songtext
  27. Forever And Ever, Amen Songtext
  28. Gold Dust Woman Songtext
  29. Heart Of Gold Songtext
  30. Honky Tonk Women - Previously Unreleased, With Leon Russell Songtext
  31. I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None Songtext
  32. I Can Get Off On You Songtext
  33. I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You Songtext
  34. I Drank All Of Our Precious Love Away Songtext
  35. I Hear You Knockin' Songtext
  36. I Hope So - Original Version Songtext
  37. I'll Sail My Ship Alone Songtext
  38. I'm My Own Grandpa Songtext
  39. I'm So Ashamed Songtext
  40. I've Just Destroyed The World I'm Living In Songtext
  41. I've Seen All This World I Care To See Songtext
  42. If I Could Only Fly Songtext
  43. If You Can't Undo The Wrong, Undo The Right Songtext
  44. In Just A Million Years Songtext
  45. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear Songtext
  46. It's Lonesome Without You Songtext
  47. It's Lonesome Songtext
  48. Jimmy's Rag Songtext
  49. Joy To The World Songtext
  50. Just Now Falling Songtext
  51. Let My Heart Be Broken Songtext
  52. Let My Mind Wander Songtext
  53. Maybe You'll Be There Songtext
  54. Mean Old Greyhound Bus Songtext
  55. Medocino County Line Songtext
  56. My Son Calls Another Man Daddy Songtext
  57. Of All The Girls I've Loved Before Songtext
  58. One For My Baby And One More For The Road Songtext
  59. One Step Before Losing You Songtext
  60. Peach Pickin' Time Down In Georgia Songtext
  61. Phases And Stages (Theme) / Washing The Dishes Songtext
  62. Philadelphia Lawyer Songtext
  63. Poncho And Lefty - With Merle Haggard Songtext
  64. Red Sails In The Sunset Songtext
  65. Roll Me Up & Smoke Me When I Die Songtext
  66. Send Me The Pillow You Dream On Songtext
  67. Sister's Comin' Home (Sunday Set 2) Songtext
  68. So Much Like My Dad Songtext
  69. Soft Rain Songtext
  70. Something Songtext
  71. Take Me In Your Arms And Hold Me Songtext
  72. Tenderley Songtext
  73. Texas In My Soul Songtext
  74. That's All There Is To This Song Songtext
  75. The Devil's Right Hand - With The Highwaymen Songtext
  76. The Hill Country Theme Songtext
  77. Truck Drivin' Man Songtext
  78. Unclouded Day Songtext
  79. We Wish You A Merry Christmas Songtext
  80. Whisky Walzer Songtext
  81. Who Do You Know In Dallas Songtext
  82. You Were Always On Mind Songtext
  83. A Peaceful Solution Songtext
  84. Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away Songtext
  85. Always Seem To Get Things Wrong Songtext
  86. Behind Me Now/El Camino Reprise Songtext
  87. Boxcar's My Home Songtext
  88. Bring It On Songtext
  89. Bring On The Sunshine Songtext
  90. Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) Songtext
  91. Cold War With You Songtext
  92. Come On Back Jesus Songtext
  93. Come On Up To The House Songtext
  94. Come Rain Or Shine Songtext
  95. Committed To Parkview Songtext
  96. Every Time He Drinks He Thinks Of Her Songtext
  97. Everything Is Beautiful (In It's Own Way) Songtext
  98. Farther Along Songtext
  99. Final Attraction Songtext
  100. Fire To Fire Songtext
  101. From Here To The Moon And Back Songtext
  102. Great Divide Songtext
  103. Guitar In The Corner Songtext
  104. Hard To Be An Outlaw Songtext
  105. Heaven And Hell Songtext
  106. Heebie Jeebie Blues, No. 2 Songtext
  107. Here We Go Again (Rhythm & Blues 12/8 Shuffle) Songtext
  108. Hero Songtext
  109. I Thought I Left You Songtext
  110. I'm Building Heartaches Songtext
  111. I'm Faliing In Love Again Songtext
  112. I'm Falling In Love Again Songtext
  113. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter Songtext
  114. I've Seen All This World I Care To See (Solo Acoustic) Songtext
  115. If I Had Only Known (Solo Acoustic) Songtext
  116. If I Had Only Known Songtext
  117. If You Can Touch Her At All Songtext
  118. If You Can't Touch Her At All Songtext
  119. In Just A Million Years (Solo Acoustic) Songtext
  120. It Was A Very Good Year Songtext
  121. Jim, I Wore A Tie Today Songtext
  122. Just Breathe Songtext
  123. King Of A Lonely Castle Songtext
  124. Like A Soldier Songtext
  125. Little Darling Songtext
  126. Little Unfair Songtext
  127. Losing Hand (Dirge With Chain-Gang Shuffle) Songtext
  128. Love's Gonna Live Here Songtext
  129. Lumberjack Songtext
  130. Makin' Whoopee (Hard-Bop 2-Beat/4/4 Swing) Songtext
  131. Marie Songtext
  132. Medley: Blue Rock Montana/Red Headed Stranger Songtext
  133. Medley: These Are Difficult Times/Remember The Good Times Songtext
  134. Never Say Never Songtext
  135. Nite Life Songtext
  136. No Mas Amor Songtext
  137. No Place For Me Songtext
  138. No Place To Fly Songtext
  139. Oh, What I Seemed To Be Songtext
  140. Okie From Muskogee Songtext
  141. Old Time Religion Songtext
  142. One After 909 Songtext
  143. Over Time Songtext
  144. Phases And Stages (Theme)/Pick Up The Tempo Songtext
  145. Put Another Log On The Fire Songtext
  146. Roll Me Up Songtext
  147. Send Me A Picture Songtext
  148. Silver Stallion Songtext
  149. Sister's Coming Home Songtext
  150. Songs That Make A Difference Songtext
  151. Streets Of Laredo Songtext
  152. Talk To Me Songtext
  153. The Devil's Right Hand Songtext
  154. The Git Go Songtext
  155. The Scientist Songtext
  156. The Sound Of Your Memory Songtext
  157. The Soundin Your Mind Songtext
  158. The Wall Songtext
  159. The Warmth Of The Sun Songtext
  160. Till The End Of The World Songtext
  161. To All The Girls I've Love Before Songtext
  162. To All The Girls I've Loved Befoe Songtext
  163. Trouble Knows My Name Songtext
  164. Unchain My Heart (Bolero With Habanera Bass) Songtext
  165. Used To Her Songtext
  166. Wedding Songtext
  167. Welfare Line Songtext
  168. What A Merry Christmas This Could Be Songtext
  169. What'd I Say (Boogaloo) Songtext
  170. When I've Sang My Last Hillbilly Song Songtext
  171. Whenever You Come Around Songtext
  172. Will You Remember Me Songtext
  173. Worried Man Songtext
  174. You Took My Happy Away Songtext
  175. You've Changed Songtext
  176. Your Cheatin' Heart Songtext
  177. Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis:Sweet Georgia Brown Songtext
  178. Medley: Mr. Record Man / Hello Walls / One Day At A Time Songtext
  179. Happy, Happy Birthday Baby Songtext
  180. If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time Songtext
  181. Sweet Georgia Brown Songtext
  182. Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson:Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys Songtext
  183. Pick Up The Tempo Songtext
  184. So You Think You're A Cowboy Songtext
  185. Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson:Always On My Mind Songtext
  186. Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson:On The Road Again Songtext
  187. Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson:Unchained Songtext
  188. Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson:I Could Write A Book About You Songtext
  189. Merle Haggard & Ray Price & Willie Nelson:My Life's Been A Pleasure Songtext
  190. Janis Ian & Willie Nelson:Memphis Songtext
  191. Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson:Nowhere Road Songtext
  192. Neil Young & Promise Of The Real:Many Moons Ago In The Future Songtext
  193. Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly Fond Of Each Other Songtext

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