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Übersetzung Texas Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Texas

  1. Inner Smile Songtext
  2. Summer Son Songtext
  3. I'll See It Through Songtext
  4. I Don't Want A Lover Songtext
  5. In Our Lifetime Songtext

Texas Alben

The BBC Sessions (2007)


Live and Unreleased Songs

Other Songs

  1. A Good Heart Songtext
  2. Across The Universe Songtext
  3. Call On You Songtext
  4. Don't You Want Me Songtext
  5. Down In The Battlefield Songtext
  6. Dream Songtext
  7. Guitar Song Songtext
  8. Heart Of Glass Songtext
  9. Hold Me Lord Songtext
  10. I Can't Get Next To You Songtext
  11. I Can't Stand The Rain Songtext
  12. I Shall Be Released Songtext
  13. I've Got A Feeling Songtext
  14. Is What I Do Wrong Songtext
  15. It Hurts Me Too Songtext
  16. It Wasn't Me Songtext
  17. Let Us Be Thankful (Hidden Track) Songtext
  18. Let's Get It On Songtext
  19. Living For The City Songtext
  20. Love Dream Songtext
  21. Love Hangover Songtext
  22. Misty Songtext
  23. Nothing 2 Prove Songtext
  24. Nothing To Prove (Neanderthal Dark Ages Mix) Songtext
  25. Nothing To Prove Songtext
  26. One Love Songtext
  27. Parisian Pierrot Songtext
  28. Private Number Songtext
  29. Pull Up To The Bumper Songtext
  30. Revolution Songtext
  31. Say Hello Songtext
  32. Say What You Want (Ft. Wu Tang Clan) Songtext
  33. Say Songtext
  34. Silver Chain Songtext
  35. Stay With Me Songtext
  36. Sunday Is The Saddest Day (Japanese Edition Only) Songtext
  37. Sunday Is The Saddest Day Songtext
  38. Surrender Songtext
  39. Suspicious Minds Songtext
  40. Sweet Child O' Mine Songtext
  41. Sympathy For The Devil Songtext
  42. Tainted Love Songtext
  43. Take Me With You Songtext
  44. Take Your Mama Songtext
  45. The Letter Songtext
  46. The Weight Songtext
  47. Walk On The Wildside Songtext
  48. Waterfalls Songtext
  49. We Can Work It Out Songtext
  50. What Do I Get (Live) Songtext
  51. What Goes On Songtext
  52. You'll Never Know Songtext
  53. You're All I Need To Get By Songtext
  54. Say What You Want Songtext
  55. I'll See Through It Songtext
  56. I've Been Missing You Songtext
  57. Summer Sun Songtext
  58. What About Us Songtext
  59. Do You Remember The First Time? Songtext


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