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Übersetzung Sarah Brightman Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Sarah Brightman

  1. This Love Songtext
  2. La Califfa Songtext
  3. The Ash Grove Songtext
  4. Amigos Para Siempre (Friends For Life) Songtext
  5. Sanvean Songtext

Sarah Brightman Alben

Amalfi Sarah Brightman Love Songs (2009)

Encore (2002)

La Luna (Live In Concert) (2001)

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection (1997)

Surrender: The Unexpected Songs (1995)

Sings The Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber (1992)

The Trees They Grow So High (1988)

Other Songs

  1. All I Ask Of You (With Cliff Richard) Songtext
  2. Alone Again Or? Songtext
  3. Angel Songtext
  4. Angels From The Realms Of Glory Songtext
  5. Ave Maria (Lima) Songtext
  6. Be Our Guest Songtext
  7. Beauty And The Beast (Reprise) Songtext
  8. Beauty And The Beast Songtext
  9. Belle Songtext
  10. Canção Do Mar Songtext
  11. Capped Teeth And Caesar Salad (Reprise) Songtext
  12. Capped Teeth And Caesar Salad Songtext
  13. Chanson DEnfance Songtext
  14. Chanson Espagnol (English - Spanish Song) Songtext
  15. Chanson Espagnol Songtext
  16. Come Back With The Same Look In Your Eyes Songtext
  17. Dear Harp Of My Country Songtext
  18. Doretta's Dream Songtext
  19. End Duet Songtext
  20. English Girls Songtext
  21. Finale Songtext
  22. First Letter Home To England Songtext
  23. Fröhliche Weihnacht Songtext
  24. Gaston Songtext
  25. Guéri De Toi Songtext
  26. Him Songtext
  27. Home Songtext
  28. How Can Heaven Love You Songtext
  29. How Fare This Spot Songtext
  30. Human Again Songtext
  31. I Believe In Father Songtext
  32. I Feel Pretty Songtext
  33. I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper Songtext
  34. I Love New York Songtext
  35. I Will Be With You Songtext
  36. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Songtext
  37. I'm Very You, You're Very Me Songtext
  38. If I Can't Love Her Songtext
  39. It's Not The End Of The World ( If He's Younger ) Songtext
  40. It's Not The End Of The World (If He's Younger) Songtext
  41. It's Not The End Of The World (If I Lose Him) Songtext
  42. It's Not The End Of The World If He's Married Songtext
  43. It's Not The End Of The World Songtext
  44. Just Show Me How To Love You (Tu Cosa Fai Stasera) Songtext
  45. La Belle Est Au Jardin DAmour Songtext
  46. La Wally (English - Wally) Ii Songtext
  47. Last Men In My Life Songtext
  48. Let Me Finish / Let's Talk About You Songtext
  49. Let Me Finish Songtext
  50. Let's Talk About You Songtext
  51. Light At The End Of The Tunnel Songtext
  52. Little Lottie Songtext
  53. Maison Des Lunes Songtext
  54. Married Man Songtext
  55. Moon River Songtext
  56. My Heart Will Go On (Italian) Songtext
  57. No Llores Por M? Argentina Songtext
  58. No Matter What Songtext
  59. O Mio Babbino Caro (Gianni Schicchi) Songtext
  60. Oh, What A Circus Songtext
  61. Pasión Songtext
  62. Pie Jesu (With Paul Miles Kingston) Songtext
  63. Pie Jesu (With Paul Miles-Kingston) Songtext
  64. Regnava Nel Silenzio (English - Silence Reigned) Songtext
  65. Regnava Nel Silenzio Songtext
  66. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Songtext
  67. Sarahbande Songtext
  68. Seven Sees Songtext
  69. She Doesn't See Him Songtext
  70. Sheldon Bloom Songtext
  71. Sleep Tight Songtext
  72. Slowly Songtext
  73. Solveig's Song Songtext
  74. Somewhere Songtext
  75. Song Of Innocence Songtext
  76. Storia DAmore Songtext
  77. Summertime Songtext
  78. Take That Look Off Your Face (Reprise) Songtext
  79. Take That Look Off Your Face Songtext
  80. The Phantom Of The Opera (With Michael Crawford) Songtext
  81. The Unexpected Song Songtext
  82. Think Of Me (Solo Tokyo Version) Songtext
  83. Third Letter Home Songtext
  84. Tonight Songtext
  85. Tout Se Que Je Sais (Canadian Version) Songtext
  86. Tout Se Que Je Sais Songtext
  87. Transformation Songtext
  88. Tu Songtext
  89. Twisted Every Way Songtext
  90. Unsettled Scores Songtext
  91. When Children Rule The World Songtext
  92. When You Want To Fall In Love Songtext
  93. You Made Me Think You Were In Love Songtext
  94. Sarah Brightman & Band Aid 20:Love Changes Everything Songtext
  95. Sarah Brightman & Steve Barton:Think Of Me Songtext
  96. "Anytime, Anywhere" Songtext
  97. Chase The Morning Songtext
  98. Chromaggia Songtext
  99. Crucifixus Songtext
  100. Free - Album Version Songtext
  101. I'm Going To Like It Here Songtext
  102. La Wally/en Songtext
  103. Last Man In My Life Songtext
  104. Memories Songtext
  105. Probably On A Thursday Songtext
  106. Something In The The Air Songtext
  107. The Second Element 2 Songtext
  108. Three Cornered Tune Songtext
  109. You And Me Songtext
  110. Arabian Nights: Scimitar Moon/Voyage/Promise/Hamesha/Alone Songtext
  111. Arranged As Song Alhambra Songtext
  112. Arranged As Song: Dans La Nuit Songtext
  113. Aspects Of Love Songtext
  114. Baïlèro, Folksong For Voice & Orchestra (Chants D'Auvergne, Series 1, N Songtext
  115. Califfa Songtext
  116. Chi II Bel Sogno Di Doretta Songtext
  117. Ebben? Ne Andrò Lontano Songtext
  118. Ellens Gesang III (Ave Maria) Songtext
  119. Excerpt Arranged As Song: La Luna Songtext
  120. Fileuse, Folksong For Voice & Piano (Folk Songs, Vol. 2) Songtext
  121. Garden Songtext
  122. Glosoli Songtext
  123. How Fair This Spot Songtext
  124. I Love You Songtext
  125. It Must Be Tough....To Be That Cool Songtext
  126. Its A Beautiful Day Songtext
  127. Journey Home Songtext
  128. La Belle Est Au Jardin D'amour, For Voice & Piano (Folk Songs, Vol. 2) Songtext
  129. Lascio Chi'io Pianga Songtext
  130. Luna Songtext
  131. Lune Songtext
  132. Maclivity: The Mystery Cat Songtext
  133. Mr Monotony Songtext
  134. O Can Ye Sew Cushions, For Voice & Piano (Folk Songs, Vol. 1) Songtext
  135. One More Walk Around Songtext
  136. Phantom Of The Opera Songtext
  137. Quand J'étais Chez Mon Père, For Voice & Piano (Folk Songs, Vol. 2) Songtext
  138. Slow Movement Arranged As Song: Figlio Perduto Songtext
  139. Voici Le Printemps, For Voice & Piano (Folk Songs, Vol. 2) Songtext
  140. War Is Over Now Songtext
  141. War Is Over Songtext
  142. What Makes Me Love Him Songtext
  143. What More Do I Need Songtext
  144. Whiter Shade Of Pale Songtext
  145. Sarah Brightman & Band Aid:Love Changes Everything Songtext
  146. How Fair This Place/en Songtext
  147. La Belle Est Au Jardin D'Amour Songtext
  148. Quand J'Étais Chez Mon Père Songtext

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