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Übersetzung Reba McEntire Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Reba McEntire

  1. Just Like Them Horses Songtext
  2. Forever Love Songtext
  3. Consider Me Gone Songtext
  4. Fancy (Don't Let Me Down) Songtext
  5. Fancy Songtext

Reba McEntire Alben

Reba: Duets (2007)

At Her Very Best (2006)

Greatest Hits Volume III: I'm A Survivor (2001)

Moments And Memories: The Best Of Reba McEntire (1999)

Reba Live (1995)

Oklahoma Girl (1994)

You Lift Me Up To Heaven (1992)

Other Songs

  1. A Little Want To Songtext
  2. A Poor Man's Roses Or A Rich Man's Gold Songtext
  3. All Dressed Up Songtext
  4. All Of You Songtext
  5. All The Women I Am Songtext
  6. Amazing Grace Songtext
  7. Angel's Lullaby Songtext
  8. Away In The Manger Songtext
  9. Bad For My Own Good Songtext
  10. Because Of You ( Kelly Clarkson ) Songtext
  11. Between A Woman & A Man Songtext
  12. Big Blue Sky Songtext
  13. Break Each Other's Hearts Again Songtext
  14. Break Each Others Hearts Again ( Don Henley ) Songtext
  15. Can't Stop Now (Different Than The Version On Reba Live) Songtext
  16. Congratualtions Songtext
  17. Cry Songtext
  18. Does The Wind Still Blow In Oklahoma ( Ronnie Dunn ) Songtext
  19. Eight Crazy Hours / In The Story Of Love Songtext
  20. Eight Crazy Hours Songtext
  21. Every Other Weekend ( Kenny Chesney ) Songtext
  22. Everyday People ( Carol King ) Songtext
  23. Everyday People Songtext
  24. Everytime You Touch Her Songtext
  25. Face To Face (W/Linda Davis) Songtext
  26. Faith In Love ( F. Rascal Flatts ) Songtext
  27. Faith In Love Songtext
  28. Forward Songtext
  29. God You Never Cried Songtext
  30. Gonna Love Ya Songtext
  31. Good Doggie, No Bone Songtext
  32. Great Divide Songtext
  33. Happy Birthday Jesus Songtext
  34. He Gets That Room Songtext
  35. Heard Her Cryin' Songtext
  36. I Can't Stop Now Songtext
  37. I Don't Wanna Be A One Night Stand Songtext
  38. I Got Lost In His Arms Songtext
  39. I Got The Sun In The Morning (And The Moon At Night) Songtext
  40. I Got The Sun In The Morning Songtext
  41. I Had My Way Songtext
  42. I Know I'll Have A Better Day Songtext
  43. I Like It That Way Songtext
  44. I Wont Stand In Line Songtext
  45. I'd Rather Ride Around With You Songtext
  46. I'll Keep On Lovin' You Songtext
  47. I'll Still Be Loving You Songtext
  48. I'll Take Your Heart Songtext
  49. I've Never Stopped Dreaming Of You Songtext
  50. If I Could Live Your Life Songtext
  51. If I Could Only Be Like You Songtext
  52. If I Had It My Way Songtext
  53. If I Were A Boy Songtext
  54. Is It Really Love? Songtext
  55. It Always Rains On Sunday Songtext
  56. It Just Had To Be This Way Songtext
  57. It Just Has To Be This Way (feat. Vince Gill) Songtext
  58. It's Not Over Songtext
  59. Jolene Songtext
  60. Let The Music (Lift You Up) Songtext
  61. Look At The One (Who's Been Lookin' At You) Songtext
  62. Love Isn't Love ('Til You Give It Away) Songtext
  63. Love Isn't Love Songtext
  64. Lovin You, Lovin Me Songtext
  65. Mama Tried Songtext
  66. Mary, Did You Know Songtext
  67. Mind Your Own Business Songtext
  68. New Fool In An Old Game Songtext
  69. New Love Songtext
  70. Night Life Songtext
  71. Nothing To Lose Songtext
  72. Now & Then Songtext
  73. Oklahoma Swing Songtext
  74. Old Man River Songtext
  75. On My Own (W/ Linda Davis, Martina McBride, And Trisha Yearwood) Songtext
  76. Only You Songtext
  77. Over, Under, & Around Songtext
  78. Over, Under, And Around Songtext
  79. Pins & Needles Songtext
  80. Please Be The One Songtext
  81. Pray Songtext
  82. Rain Fallin Songtext
  83. Red Roses Songtext
  84. Right Or Wrong Songtext
  85. San Antonio Rose Songtext
  86. She Can't Save Him ( Trisha Yearwood ) Songtext
  87. Since I Fell For You Songtext
  88. Sleeping With The Telephone ( Faith Hill ) Songtext
  89. Small Two Bedroom Starter Songtext
  90. Somebody's Chelsea Songtext
  91. Sweet Dreams (Live Version) Songtext
  92. That Makes Two Of Us (With Jacky Ward) Songtext
  93. The Ballad Of John McEntire Songtext
  94. The Blues Don't Care Who's Got 'em Songtext
  95. The Bridge You Burn Songtext
  96. The Day She Got Divorced Songtext
  97. The Heart Won't Lie (W/ Vince Gill) Songtext
  98. The Love We Made Songtext
  99. The One I Dream Songtext
  100. The Only Promise That Remains ( Justin Timberlake ) Songtext
  101. The Only Promise That Remains Songtext
  102. The State Of Grace Songtext
  103. These Broken Hearts ( Vince Gill ) Songtext
  104. These Broken Hearts Songtext
  105. Till Love Comes Again Songtext
  106. To Make The Same Mistake Again Songtext
  107. Trust Time Songtext
  108. Tulsa Time Songtext
  109. Turn On The Radio Songtext
  110. Waiting For The Sun To Shine Songtext
  111. We're All Alone (W/Jose Y Durval) Songtext
  112. We're All Alone With Jose & Durval Songtext
  113. We're In Harmony Songtext
  114. What Do You Know About Heartache? Songtext
  115. What If? Songtext
  116. When Love Gets A Hold Of You Songtext
  117. When You Have A Child Songtext
  118. When You Love Someone Like That ( Leann Rimes ) Songtext
  119. Where You End & I Begin Songtext
  120. Where You're Not Trying To Songtext
  121. Why Do We Want What We Know We Can't Have Songtext
  122. Why Do We Want What We Know Songtext
  123. Wish I Were Only Lonley Songtext
  124. With You I Am Songtext
  125. Won't Mention It Again Songtext
  126. You Can't Get A Man With A Gun Songtext
  127. You're Gonna Be Songtext
  128. You've Got Me (Right Where You Want Me) Songtext
  129. You've Got Me Songtext
  130. A Poor Man's Roses (Or A Rich Man's Gold) Songtext
  131. All Dressed Up (With Nowhere To Go) Songtext
  132. Away In A Manger Songtext
  133. Because Of You Songtext
  134. Can't Stop Now Songtext
  135. Congratulations Songtext
  136. Does The Wind Still Blow In Oklahoma Songtext
  137. Eight Crazy Hours (In The Story Of Love) Songtext
  138. Every Other Weekend Songtext
  139. Every Time You Touch Her Songtext
  140. Face To Face Songtext
  141. Gonna Love Ya (Till The Cows Come Home) Songtext
  142. Happy Birthday Jesus (I'll Open This One For You) Songtext
  143. I Know I'll Have A Better Day Tomorrow Songtext
  144. I Won't Stand In Line Songtext
  145. It Always Rains On Saturday Songtext
  146. It Just Has To Be This Way Songtext
  147. It's Not Over (If I'm Not Over You) Songtext
  148. Lovin' You, Lovin' Me Songtext
  149. Mary, Did You Know? Songtext
  150. New Fool At An Old Game Songtext
  151. (I Still Long To Hold You) Now And Then Songtext
  152. Old Man River (I've Come To Talk Again) Songtext
  153. On My Own Songtext
  154. Only You (And You Alone) Songtext
  155. Over, Under And Around Songtext
  156. Pins And Needles Songtext
  157. Rain Fallin' Songtext
  158. Red Roses (Won't Work Now) Songtext
  159. She Can't Save Him Songtext
  160. Sleeping With The Telephone Songtext
  161. Small Two-Bedroom Starter Songtext
  162. Sweet Dreams Songtext
  163. That Makes Two Of Us Songtext
  164. To Make That Same Mistake Again Songtext
  165. We're All Alone Songtext
  166. What If Songtext
  167. When You Love Someone Like That Songtext
  168. Where You End And I Begin Songtext
  169. When You're Not Trying To Songtext
  170. Why Do We Want (What We Know We Can't Have) Songtext
  171. Wish I Were Only Lonely Songtext
  172. Don't Say Goodnight Say Good Morning Songtext
  173. If You're Not Gone Too Long Songtext
  174. Im A Survivor Songtext
  175. Its Your Call Songtext
  176. Pray For Peace Songtext
  177. So, So, Long Songtext
  178. The Greatest Man I Ever Knew Songtext
  179. The Heart Wont Lie Songtext
  180. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus Songtext
  181. Last One To Know Songtext
  182. Oklahoma Christmas Songtext
  183. The Angel's Sang Songtext
  184. Til Love Comes Again Songtext

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