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Beliebte Lieder von Patsy Cline

  1. Crazy Songtext
  2. Just A Closer Walk With Thee Songtext
  3. She's Got You Songtext
  4. I Fall To Pieces Songtext
  5. Down By The Riverside Songtext

Patsy Cline Alben

The Patsy Cline Collection (1991)

Other Songs

  1. "Shake, Rattle And Roll" Songtext
  2. Come On In (And Make Yourself At Home Songtext
  3. Daddy's Hands Songtext
  4. Foolin Round Songtext
  5. Shake, Rattle And Roll Songtext
  6. Walkin' After Midnight - With Michelle Wright Songtext
  7. A Stranger In Your Arms Songtext
  8. Blue Songtext
  9. Crazy Dreams - With Mila Mason Songtext
  10. For Rent - Radio Transcription Songtext
  11. He Will Do It For You Songtext
  12. How Can I Face Tomorrow? - Patsy Cline Extended Version Songtext
  13. I Can See An Angel Walking Songtext
  14. I Can't Forget You - With Crystal Gayle Songtext
  15. I Cried All The Way To The Alter Songtext
  16. I Fall To Pieces - Patsy Cline Songtext
  17. I Go Walking After Midnight Songtext
  18. I'd Just Love To Lay You Down - Conway Twitty Songtext
  19. If I Could Only Stay Asleep - With Beth Nielsen Chapman Songtext
  20. Imagine That - Patsy Cline Songtext
  21. Just Out Of Reach - With Waylon Jennings Songtext
  22. Love, Love, Love Me Honey Songtext
  23. Stop,look And Listen Songtext
  24. Stupid Cupid - Radio Transcription Songtext
  25. That Wonderful Someone - With Bob Carlisle Songtext
  26. The Back Side Of Dallas Songtext
  27. The Heart You Broke May Be Your Own Songtext
  28. There He Goes - With John Berry Songtext
  29. There She Goes Songtext
  30. Yes, I Know Why - Radio Transcription Songtext
  31. Church, A Courtroom & Then Goodbye Songtext
  32. Crazy Dream Songtext
  33. He Will Do For Me Songtext
  34. Heart You Break May Be Your Own Songtext
  35. In Case Of The Blues Songtext
  36. Man Upstairs Songtext
  37. Power In The Blood Songtext
  38. She Came Along Songtext
  39. Stop The World Songtext
  40. Stranger In My Arms Songtext
  41. Stranger In Your Arms Songtext
  42. Three Cigarettes In The Ashtray Songtext
  43. Today Tommorrow & Forever Songtext
  44. Wayward Wind Songtext
  45. When I Get Through With You (You'll Love Me Too) Songtext
  46. Today, Tomorrow & Forever Songtext
  47. Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn & Tammy Wynette:Lovesick Blues Songtext
  48. Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton & Tammy Wynette With Special Guest Patsy Cline:Lovesick Blues Songtext

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