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Übersetzung Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

  1. I M B E C I L E, My Idiot Lover Songtext
  2. Lucifer In Love Songtext
  3. With Unspoken Pleasures (My Guardian Demon) Songtext
  4. Let Me Show You All The Secrets Of The Torture Garden Songtext
  5. The Love And Defiance Of Being Alive Songtext

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio Alben

Songs 4 Hate & Devotion (2010)

O N A N I (Practice Makes Perfect) (2009)

Apocalips (2006)

Cocktails, Carnage, Crucifixion And Pornography (2003)

Make Love, And War: The Wedlock Of Roses, And Equilibrium (2001)

Conquest, Love & Self Perseverance (1998)

The Triumph Of Light... And Thy Thirteen Shadows Of Love (1997)

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