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  1. Let Go Let God Songtext
  2. Suddenly Songtext
  3. Rest Your Love On Me Songtext
  4. Grace And Gratitude Songtext
  5. Magic Songtext

Olivia Newton-John Alben

Christmas Wish (2007)

Her Greatest Hits (1998)

Simply The Best: I Honestly Love You - Her Greatest Hits (1995)

48 Original Tracks (1994)

Back To Basics: The Essential Collection 1971-1992 (1992)

Warm And Tender (1989)

Let Me Be There (1973)

Other Songs

  1. Olivia Newton John:Physical Songtext
  2. Australia For Me Songtext
  3. Beautiful Thing Songtext
  4. Best Of My Love Songtext
  5. Brahms Lullaby Songtext
  6. Change Of Heart Songtext
  7. Click Go The Shears (Down Under) Songtext
  8. Courageous Songtext
  9. Deeper Than A River Songtext
  10. Don't Move Away Songtext
  11. Everything Love Is Songtext
  12. Face To Face Songtext
  13. Fall Songtext
  14. Find A Little Faith Songtext
  15. Fine Line Songtext
  16. Fly Away Songtext
  17. Fly Songtext
  18. For Ever Songtext
  19. Going Back Songtext
  20. Hammerhead Songtext
  21. Happiness Valley Songtext
  22. Help Me To Heal Songtext
  23. I Am The Country Queen Songtext
  24. I Could Never Live Without Your Love Songtext
  25. I Love You Crazy Songtext
  26. I Need Love Songtext
  27. I Want To Be Wanted Songtext
  28. If I Was Close To You Songtext
  29. If You Can't Be Hurt Songtext
  30. Isn't It Amazing Songtext
  31. It's Always Australia For Me Songtext
  32. It's Christmas Time Down Under Songtext
  33. Just The Way You Are Songtext
  34. Let's Move On (Instrumental) Songtext
  35. Let's Move On Songtext
  36. Little More Love Songtext
  37. Livin' In Desperate Times Songtext
  38. Love Is Alive Songtext
  39. Never The Less / As Time Goes By Songtext
  40. Never The Less/As Time Goes By Songtext
  41. New Home Town Songtext
  42. Not Gonna Be The One Songtext
  43. Old Fashioned Man (Down Under) Songtext
  44. Physical (Acoustic 2002 Version Of The 1981 Hit) Songtext
  45. Physical (With Rosie) Songtext
  46. Reckless Songtext
  47. Right Here With You Songtext
  48. Roll Like The River Songtext
  49. So Strange Songtext
  50. Taking Our Own Sweet Time Songtext
  51. The Biggest Clown Songtext
  52. The Day I Met Marie Songtext
  53. The Heart Knows Songtext
  54. Toomorrow (Instrumental) Songtext
  55. Toomorrow Songtext
  56. Valentine Songtext
  57. Walkin' On Air Songtext
  58. Walking On Air ("Instrumental") Songtext
  59. Walking On Air Songtext
  60. We Are Home Songtext
  61. What If Songtext
  62. What Will I Do (Olivia Special) Songtext
  63. What's Forever For Songtext
  64. Winter Angel Songtext
  65. Xanadu/Fool Country/Xanadu (Reprise) Songtext
  66. You're My Baby Now Songtext
  67. Take Me Home Country Roads Songtext
  68. Rest Your Love On Me Songtext
  69. The Key Songtext
  70. Till You Say You'll Be Mine Songtext
  71. John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John:We Go Together Songtext
  72. (There's No Place Like) Home For The Holidays Songtext
  73. Anyone Who Had A Heart Songtext
  74. Christmas Never Felt Like This Before Songtext
  75. Fool Country Songtext
  76. Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee (Reprise) Songtext
  77. Rumor Songtext
  78. You Made Me Love You Songtext
  79. Age Of Reason Songtext
  80. Auld Lang Syne/Christmas Time Is Here Songtext
  81. Crying Laughing Loving Lying Songtext
  82. Flower That Shattered The Stone Songtext
  83. Heart's On Fire Songtext
  84. I Think You Might Like It Songtext
  85. If You Love Me Songtext
  86. Last Time You Loved Songtext
  87. Long And Winding Road Songtext
  88. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head Songtext
  89. River's Too Wide Songtext
  90. Send In The Clown Songtext
  91. The Grease Mega-Mix Songtext
  92. Thousand Conversations Songtext
  93. Two Strong Hearts Songtext
  94. You're The Voice Songtext
  95. John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John:Beauty School Dropout Songtext
  96. Unten Am Fluss, Der Ohio Heißt Songtext

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