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Übersetzung Ol Dirty Bastard Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Ol Dirty Bastard

  1. Shimmy Shimmy Ya Songtext
  2. Got Your Money Songtext
  3. Brooklyn Zoo Songtext
  4. Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Extended Version) Songtext
  5. Thirsty Songtext

Ol Dirty Bastard Alben

Forever Dirty (2011)

The Trials And Tribulations Of Russell Jones (2002)

Return To The 36 Chambers (Dirty) (1995)

Other Songs

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  2. Baby CMon Songtext
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  4. Brooklyn Zoo II Songtext
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  7. Dirty Dancin - Method Man Songtext
  8. Dirty Dancin' Songtext
  9. Dirty Dancin Songtext
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  11. Don't U Know Part II (Short Version) Songtext
  12. Don't U Know Part Ii Songtext
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  14. Drug Free (Remix) Songtext
  15. Fantasy (Remix) - Mariah Carey Songtext
  16. Fantasy (Remix) Songtext
  17. Fantasy Songtext
  18. Fire Songtext
  19. Ghetto Supastar (That Is What You Are) Songtext
  20. Give It To Ya Raw Songtext
  21. Harlem World Songtext
  22. Intro (The Trials And Tribulations Of Russell Jones) Songtext
  23. Last Call Songtext
  24. Move Back (Ft Drag-On, Jae Mills, Cardan & Lenox AveBoys) (Bonus Track) Songtext
  25. Nowhere To Run Songtext
  26. Ol Dirty's Back Songtext
  27. Ol' Dirty's Back Songtext
  28. Pop Shots (Wu-Tang) Songtext
  29. Proteck Ya Neck II In The Zoo Songtext
  30. Protect Ya Neck II The Zoo Songtext
  31. Run Dirty Run Songtext
  32. Shimmy Shimm Ya Songtext
  33. Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Extended Version) Songtext
  34. Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Studio Ton Remix) Songtext
  35. Stomp Songtext
  36. Straight From Lockdown (Stand Up Remix) Songtext
  37. Sussudio Songtext
  38. The Park Songtext
  39. Thirsty (Feat- Black Keith) Songtext
  40. Thirsty Songtext
  41. Welcome Home Songtext
  42. Who Rock This? Songtext
  43. Yo Imagine, Imagine The Shit Songtext
  44. Shimmy Shimmy Ya Songtext
  45. Drug Free Songtext
  46. Got Your Money F Kelis Songtext
  47. Kiss Of The Black Widow Songtext
  48. ODB In The Parks Songtext
  49. Proteck Ya Neck 2 (The Zoo) Songtext
  50. Ozzy Osbourne, DMX, Ol' Dirty Bastard And The Crystal Method:Nowhere To Run Songtext
  51. B*Tches Songtext
  52. Bitches! Songtext
  53. Diesel Songtext
  54. Hip Hop Drunkies Songtext
  55. I Want P***y Songtext
  56. N****a Please Songtext
  57. Pop Shit Songtext
  58. Rollin Wit You Songtext
  59. Shimmy Shimmy Yall Songtext
  60. Windpipe Songtext
  61. You Don't Want To F**K With Me Songtext
  62. Kool Keith & Ol' Dirty Bastard:Wreck Songtext
  63. Ol' Dirty Bastard & Black Keith:Thirsty Songtext

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