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Übersetzung Oingo Boingo Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Oingo Boingo

  1. This Bud's For You! Songtext
  2. Little Girls Songtext
  3. Insanity Songtext
  4. Dead Man's Party Songtext
  5. Hold Me Back Songtext

Oingo Boingo Alben

Farewell: Live At The Universal Amphitheatre (1996)

Boingo Alive (1988)

Forbidden Zone (1983)

Other Songs

  1. Acapella Ditty Songtext
  2. All The Pieces Songtext
  3. Animals Songtext
  4. Ballad Of The Caveman Songtext
  5. Better Luck Next Time Songtext
  6. Burn Me Up Songtext
  7. California Girls Songtext
  8. Can't Pretend Songtext
  9. Can't See Songtext
  10. Commando Girls Songtext
  11. Crusin' Songtext
  12. Cry Of Vatos Songtext
  13. Dead Man`s Party Songtext
  14. Don't Go In The Basement Songtext
  15. Elementary Physics Songtext
  16. Find You Songtext
  17. Flesh 'n' Blood Songtext
  18. Freak Show Songtext
  19. Forbidden Zone (Ep) Songtext
  20. Gimme A Break Songtext
  21. Goodbye Goodbye Songtext
  22. Happy Songtext
  23. Head In The Clouds Songtext
  24. Heard Someone Cry Songtext
  25. Hold Me Back Songtext
  26. I Was Always There Songtext
  27. I'm Afraid Songtext
  28. I Stand Defeated Songtext
  29. Inside Songtext
  30. Island In The Sea Songtext
  31. Kiss My Ass ( 1st Version ) Songtext
  32. Kiss My Ass Songtext
  33. Lap Of Luxury Songtext
  34. Louise Songtext
  35. Nothing To Fear(But Fear Itself) Songtext
  36. Nothing To Fear Songtext
  37. Nuclear Babies Songtext
  38. Open Eyes Songtext
  39. Piggies Songtext
  40. Remember My Name Songtext
  41. Reptiles & Samurai Songtext
  42. Run Away Songtext
  43. Some Of These Days Songtext
  44. Squeezit The Moocher (Minnie The Moocher) Songtext
  45. Take Your Medicine Songtext
  46. Tender Lumplings Live Intro Songtext
  47. The Cat Is Dead Songtext
  48. The Elevator Man Songtext
  49. The Winning Side Songtext
  50. This Bud's For You! Songtext
  51. Treadmill Songtext
  52. Vultures Songtext
  53. Waiting For You Songtext
  54. Wake Up Songtext
  55. We Did It There Songtext
  56. Where Do All My Friends Go? Songtext
  57. Who Do You Want To Be Today Songtext
  58. Who Do You Want To Be? Songtext
  59. Why'd We Come (All This Way) Songtext
  60. Wild Sex Songtext
  61. Witch's Egg Songtext
  62. You Got Your Baby Back Songtext
  63. Dead Man's Party Songtext
  64. Who Do You Want To Be Songtext
  65. Goodbye, Goodbye Songtext
  66. Nothing Bad Ever Happens To Me Songtext
  67. Only Makes Me Laugh Songtext

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