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Übersetzung Marc Almond Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Marc Almond

  1. Tears Run Rings Songtext
  2. Yesterday When I Was Young Songtext
  3. The Days Of Pearly Spencer Songtext
  4. A Lover Spurned Songtext
  5. Mother Fist Songtext

Marc Almond Alben

Varieté (2010)

Little Rough Rhinestones Volume 2 (2006)

Heart On Snow (2003)

Little Rough Rhinestones Volume 1 (2002)

Stranger Things (2001)

Open All Night (1999)

Treasure Box (1995)


  1. Guiltless Songtext
  2. Stolen Kisses Songtext
  3. The Hungry Years Songtext
  4. I Feel Love - Johnny Remember Me Songtext
  5. Skin Songtext
  6. Slur Songtext
  7. Who By Fire Songtext
  8. This House Is A House Of Trouble Songtext
  9. Titan Arch Songtext
  10. Sheherezade Songtext
  11. The Flame Songtext
  12. A Quoi Ca Sert L'Amour? Songtext
  13. Autumn Leaves Songtext
  14. Slut Songtext
  15. The Universal Cess Pool Songtext
  16. Bruise N Chain Songtext
  17. Love Amongst The Ruined Songtext
  18. Burning Boats Songtext
  19. A Million Manias (Megamillionmania Multimania Mix Songtext
  20. Beat Out That Rhythm On A Drum Songtext
  21. Yesterday Has Gone Songtext
  22. Child Of Clay Songtext
  23. Volcana Songtext
  24. Out Of My Soul Songtext
  25. Please Stay Songtext
  26. Soul On Soul Songtext
  27. Total Eclipse Songtext
  28. Self Control Songtext
  29. Fur Songtext
  30. Too Damn Beautiful Songtext
  31. Prime Evil Songtext
  32. Perfect Honey (Temptation) Songtext
  33. Baby's On Fire Songtext
  34. Take Me Away Songtext
  35. Vanity Poverty, Revenge Songtext
  36. Neo Burlesque Songtext
  37. Way You Walk Songtext
  38. Delirious (Demented, Deluded, Delirious) Songtext
  39. Boy Toy (I'm The Boy) Songtext
  40. Smoke & Mirrors Songtext
  41. The Epitath Of God Songtext
  42. Tonight Songtext
  43. The Tango Song Songtext
  44. Impermanence Songtext
  45. Last Night I Paid To Close My Eyes Songtext
  46. X-TG:The Falconer Songtext
  47. The Tyburn Tree Songtext
  48. Fortress Songtext
  49. Spring Heeled Jack Songtext
  50. My Fair Lady Songtext
  51. Ratcliffe Highway Songtext
  52. The Labyrinth Of Limehouse Songtext
  53. To The Crow The Spoils Songtext
  54. Dark Angel Songtext
  55. The Vampire Of Highgate Songtext
  56. Black Widow Songtext
  57. Poor Henry Songtext
  58. Jerusalem Songtext
  59. I Feel Love (Johnny Remember M) Songtext
  60. So & Marc Almond:Way You Walk Songtext
  61. A Million Manias Songtext

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