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Übersetzung Lisa Germano Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Lisa Germano

  1. Red Thread Songtext
  2. Cry Wolf Songtext
  3. From A Shell Songtext
  4. A Guy Like You Songtext
  5. Sexy Little Girl Princess Songtext

Lisa Germano Alben

Lullaby For Liquid Pig (2003)

Other Songs

  1. ....To Dream Songtext
  2. ...To Dream Songtext
  3. All The Pretty Little Lies Songtext
  4. Angels Turn To Devils Songtext
  5. Beautiful Schizophrenic Songtext
  6. Bye Bye Little Doggy Songtext
  7. Calling Songtext
  8. Cracklin' Water Songtext
  9. Crackling Water Songtext
  10. Dream Glasses Songtext
  11. Eli's Comin' Songtext
  12. Forget It It's A Mystery Songtext
  13. Fun, Fun For Everyone Songtext
  14. Hangin' With A Dead Man Songtext
  15. Indiana Moon Songtext
  16. Into The Night (Live) Songtext
  17. It's A Rainbow Songtext
  18. La Parade Songtext
  19. Le Meridien Songtext
  20. Making Promises Songtext
  21. Messages From Sophia "There's More Kitties In The World Than Just Miamo" Songtext
  22. Miamo-Tutti Songtext
  23. OP8 Songtext
  24. Of Love & Colors Songtext
  25. Of Love And Colors Songtext
  26. Round & Round Songtext
  27. Sand Songtext
  28. Starfish Songtext
  29. The Devil Loves L.A. Songtext
  30. The Mirror Is Gone Songtext
  31. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' Songtext
  32. To Dream Songtext
  33. Tom Dick & Harry Songtext
  34. Victoria's Secret "Just A Bad Dream" Songtext
  35. Victorias Secret Songtext
  36. ….To Dream Songtext
  37. All The Pretty Lies Songtext
  38. Bye Bye Little Doggie Songtext
  39. Hangin' With A Deadman Songtext
  40. Into The Night Songtext
  41. Miamo Tutti Songtext
  42. Victoria's Secret Songtext
  43. A Million Times Songtext
  44. Bud's Theme Songtext
  45. Little Children Songtext
  46. Magic Neighbor Songtext
  47. Simple Songtext
  48. The Prince Of Plati Songtext
  49. To The Mighty One Songtext
  50. ...And So On Songtext
  51. A ...A Psychopath Songtext
  52. A Feast Songtext
  53. Apathy And The Devil Songtext
  54. Diamonds Songtext
  55. Haunted Songtext
  56. Last Straws For Sale Songtext
  57. Messages From Sophia There's More Kitties In The World Than Just ... Songtext
  58. No Elephants Songtext
  59. Ruminants Songtext
  60. Strange Bird Songtext
  61. The Difficult Kind Songtext
  62. Up In The Air Songtext

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