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  1. Lighters Up Songtext
  2. Magic Stick (Feat/50 Cent) Songtext
  3. Big Momma Thang Songtext
  4. Black Friday Songtext
  5. How Many Licks? Songtext

Lil Kim Alben

Ms. G.O.A.T. (2008)

The Naked Truth (2005)

Other Songs

  1. (Moulin Rouge) Lady Marmalade Songtext
  2. (When Kim Say) Can You Here Me Now Songtext
  3. 2 Hatin Bitches Skit Songtext
  4. 6 Foot 7 Remix Songtext
  5. Addictive Songtext
  6. Another Songtext
  7. Answering Machine Skit 1 Songtext
  8. Back Stabbers Songtext
  9. Big Momma Thang ("Remix") Songtext
  10. Big Momma Thang (Remix') Songtext
  11. Big Momma Thang (remix) Songtext
  12. Big Momma Thang Songtext
  13. Big Momma Songtext
  14. Biggie Songtext
  15. Black Friday Songtext
  16. Body Kiss Songtext
  17. CHA CHA CHA Songtext
  18. Call Me Songtext
  19. Can You Hear Me? Songtext
  20. Can't F K With Queen Bee Songtext
  21. Can't F**k With Queen Bee Songtext
  22. Can't Hold Us Down Songtext
  23. Cell Block Tango (He Had It Comin') Songtext
  24. Cheatin' Songtext
  25. Checkin' For You Songtext
  26. Chillin Tonite Songtext
  27. Chillin' Tonight Songtext
  28. Chillin' Tonite Songtext
  29. Chinatown Songtext
  30. Clap Clap Songtext
  31. Crush On You (Remix) Songtext
  32. Da Butta Songtext
  33. Diamonds Songtext
  34. Do That Thing Songtext
  35. Do The Damn Thing (Remix) Songtext
  36. Do U Wanna Roll Songtext
  37. Do You Wanna Roll? Songtext
  38. Don't Stop What You're Doing Songtext
  39. Download Songtext
  40. Espacio Songtext
  41. Ex-Girlfriend Songtext
  42. F**K You Songtext
  43. Float On (Bad Boy Remix) Songtext
  44. Freak Freak Songtext
  45. Freaky Gurl (Remix) Songtext
  46. Freestyle Songtext
  47. Fresh From Yard Songtext
  48. Gangsta Shit Songtext
  49. Get Crunked Up (Remix) Songtext
  50. Get Money Songtext
  51. Get Naked Songtext
  52. Get Touched Songtext
  53. Get Yours! Songtext
  54. Gettin Money (Get Money Remix) Songtext
  55. Gettin Money (Remix) Songtext
  56. Gettin' Money Songtext
  57. Gimme Brain Songtext
  58. Give It Up Songtext
  59. Gone Delirious Songtext
  60. Good Time Songtext
  61. Guess Who's Back Freestyle Songtext
  62. Hell Yeah Songtext
  63. Hit Em Wit Da Hee Songtext
  64. How Many Licks (Remix) Songtext
  65. How Many Licks Remix Ft Kelis, Snoop Dogg, Songtext
  66. How Many Licks Songtext
  67. I Can Love You Songtext
  68. I Get It Songtext
  69. I Know It Hurts (Aunt Dot) Songtext
  70. I Know What Girls Like Songtext
  71. I Need A Bitch Songtext
  72. I Need That (I Want That) Songtext
  73. I Need That Songtext
  74. I Need You Tonight Songtext
  75. If Your Girl Only Knew (Remix) Songtext
  76. Impatient Songtext
  77. In The Air Tonight Songtext
  78. In The Air Tonite Songtext
  79. Intro In A Minor Songtext
  80. It Ain T My Fault Songtext
  81. It's All About The Benjamins (Remix) Songtext
  82. It's Kim Bitches (Get That Money) Songtext
  83. Journey Through The Life Songtext
  84. Jump Off (Cn Remix) Songtext
  85. Jump Off (Explicit) Songtext
  86. Jump Off Songtext
  87. Just Like Me Songtext
  88. Keys To The City - Feat. Trish Stratus Songtext
  89. Keys To The City Songtext
  90. Killin Em' Remix Songtext
  91. Kim Freestyle Songtext
  92. Kim Gets Deeper Songtext
  93. Kimme More Songtext
  94. Kimnotize Songtext
  95. Kimnotyze Songtext
  96. Knock Em' Out The Box Songtext
  97. Ladies Night (Not Tonight Remix) Songtext
  98. Ladies Night Songtext
  99. Lady Marmalade Songtext
  100. Last Day Skit Songtext
  101. Let It Go Remix Songtext
  102. Let It Go Songtext
  103. Lighters Up (Remix) Songtext
  104. Lil' Kim, Lil' Cease, Notorious B.I.G.---Crush On You Songtext
  105. Lil' Kim, Missy, Angie Martinez, Da Brat, Left Eye---Ladies Night Songtext
  106. Magic Stick (Feat/50 Cent) Songtext
  107. Mis-Education Of Lil' Kim Songtext
  108. Money Talks Songtext
  109. Money, Power, Respect Songtext
  110. Moulin Rouge Songtext
  111. Ms.G.O.A.T. Songtext
  112. My Niggas Songtext
  113. NOTORIOUS Songtext
  114. Naughty Girl (Remix) Songtext
  115. No More Games Songtext
  116. No One Else (Puff Daddy Remix) Songtext
  117. No One Remix Songtext
  118. Nobody Do It Better Than Us Songtext
  119. Nobody Do It Better.. (Remix) Songtext
  120. Nobody Do It Better.. Songtext
  121. Not Tonight (Remix) Songtext
  122. Not Tonight - (Remix) Songtext
  123. Notorious Kim Songtext
  124. One Shining Moment Songtext
  125. Peaches And Cream (Remix) Songtext
  126. Peaches And Cream Songtext
  127. Pin-Up Songtext
  128. Play Around Songtext
  129. Player's Anthem Songtext
  130. Pussy Purr Songtext
  131. Queen [email protected]# Songtext
  132. Queen Bitch 101 Songtext
  133. Queen Bitch 2 (Remix) Songtext
  134. Queen Bitch Ii Songtext
  135. Queen Bitch Part II (Remix) Songtext
  136. Queen Bitch Pt. II Songtext
  137. Queen Bitch, Part 2 Songtext
  138. Queen Bytch Songtext
  139. Quiet Storm Remix Songtext
  140. Racks Songtext
  141. Real Niggas Songtext
  142. Realms ... Part Ii Songtext
  143. Realms Of Junior M.A.F.I.A. Part II Songtext
  144. Realms Of Junior M.A.F.I.A. Songtext
  145. Respiration Songtext
  146. Respirator Songtext
  147. Rider Songtext
  148. Rock On Wit Yo Bad Self Songtext
  149. Rock The Party (Remix) Songtext
  150. Rockin' It Songtext
  151. Satisfy You (Remix) Songtext
  152. Shake Ya Body Songtext
  153. She Dont Love You Songtext
  154. Shook Hands Songtext
  155. Shut Up B***h Songtext
  156. Shut Up Bitch (Intro) Songtext
  157. Shut Up Chick (Intro) Songtext
  158. Shut Up Chick Songtext
  159. Shut Up Songtext
  160. Skanky Martina Songtext
  161. Song To Benjamin (Real) Songtext
  162. Spend A Little Doe Songtext
  163. Sugar (Remix) Songtext
  164. Supersexual Songtext
  165. Ten Commandments Songtext
  166. The Beehive Songtext
  167. The Jump Off (Explicit) Songtext
  168. The Jump Off (Remix) Songtext
  169. The Jump Off (Venomous Remix) Ft. Venom (A.K.A Tah Songtext
  170. The Jump Off F/Mr.Cheeks Songtext
  171. The Jump Off( Real Deal) Songtext
  172. The Jumpoff Songtext
  173. The Only One Songtext
  174. The Queen Songtext
  175. The Rock The Party Remix Songtext
  176. Throw Your Hands Up (Interlude) Songtext
  177. Thug Luv (Feat. Twista) Songtext
  178. Time To Rock 'N Roll - Lil' Kim Songtext
  179. Time To Rock 'N Roll Songtext
  180. Time To Rock 'n' Roll Songtext
  181. Time To Rock And Roll Songtext
  182. Time To Shine Songtext
  183. Touch Me, Tease Me Songtext
  184. Vivrant Thing (Special Girl Remix) Songtext
  185. Wait A Minute (Remix) Songtext
  186. Wait A Minute Songtext
  187. Wanna Lick Magic Stick Pt2 Songtext
  188. Warning Songtext
  189. We Don't Give A Fuck Songtext
  190. What You Want Songtext
  191. What's Going On (Jermaine Dupri Remix) Songtext
  192. What's The Word (Remix) Songtext
  193. What's The World Songtext
  194. When Kim Say, Can You Hear Me Now? Songtext
  195. White Diamonds Songtext
  196. Who Shot Ya Songtext
  197. Who's Number One Songtext
  198. Whoa (Explicit Version) Songtext
  199. Whoa Fka My N+++as Songtext
  200. Whoa Whoa Songtext
  201. Will They Die 4 You? Songtext
  202. Winners & Losers Songtext
  203. Winners And Losers Songtext
  204. Would You Die For Me Songtext
  205. You Be Killin' Em' Songtext
  206. You Can't Win Songtext
  207. You Get Dealt Wit Songtext
  208. Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mýa & Pink:Lady Marmalade Songtext
  209. (When Kim Say) Can You Hear Me Now? Songtext
  210. Can't Fuck With Queen Bee Songtext
  211. Crush On You Songtext
  212. Fuck You Songtext
  213. Keys To The City - Songtext
  214. Magic Stick Songtext
  215. The Jump Off (Venomous Remix) (A.K.A Tah Songtext
  216. Thug Luv Songtext
  217. "Suck My Dick" By Lil Kim Songtext
  218. ++++ You Songtext
  219. Big Momma Thing (Featuring Jay-Z) Songtext
  220. Don't Want Dick Tonight (Eat My Pussy Right) Songtext
  221. I Came Back For You Songtext
  222. Lighters Songtext
  223. No Time For Fake Ones Songtext
  224. Not Toinight Songtext
  225. Put Your Lighters Up Songtext
  226. Queen Bitch Pt. 2 (Featuring Puff Daddy) Songtext
  227. Shake Ya Bum Songtext
  228. Tha Beehive - Featuring Reeks, Bunky S.A., Vee & Saint From The Advakids Songtext
  229. W.p.i.m.p Songtext
  230. Mase, Puff Daddy, Lil' Kim And System Of A Down:Will They Die 4 You Songtext
  231. (Untitled) Songtext
  232. **** You Songtext
  233. Beep Songtext
  234. Do The Damn Thing Songtext
  235. HollyHood Skit Songtext
  236. Queen [email protected]$ H Songtext
  237. Suck My D**K Songtext
  238. Ma$e, Puff Daddy, Lil' Kim And System Of A Down:Will They Die 4 You Songtext
  239. Big Momma Thing Songtext
  240. Took Us A Break Songtext

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