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Übersetzung Laurie Anderson Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Laurie Anderson

  1. My Right Eye Songtext
  2. O Superman Songtext
  3. Bodies In Motion Songtext
  4. Kokoku Songtext
  5. Language Is A Virus From Outer Space Songtext

Laurie Anderson Alben

Talk Normal - The Laurie Anderson Anthology (2000)

Ugly One With The Jewels & Other Stories (1995)

United States Live (1984)

  1. Say Hello Songtext
  2. Walk The Dog Songtext
  3. Violin Solo Songtext
  4. Closed Circuits Songtext
  5. For A Large And Changing Room Songtext
  6. Pictures Of It Songtext
  7. The Language Of The Future Songtext
  8. Cartoon Song Songtext
  9. Small Voice Songtext
  10. Three Walking Songs Songtext
  11. The Healing Horn Songtext
  12. New Jersey Turnpike Songtext
  13. So Happy Birthday Songtext
  14. English Songtext
  15. Dance Of Electricity Songtext
  16. Three Songs For Paper, Film And Video Songtext
  17. Sax Solo Songtext
  18. Sax Duet Songtext
  19. Born, Never Asked Songtext
  20. From The Air Songtext
  21. Beginning French Songtext
  22. O Superman Songtext
  23. Talk Show Songtext
  24. Frames For The Pictures Songtext
  25. Democratic Way Songtext
  26. Looking For You Songtext
  27. Walking And Falling Songtext
  28. Private Property Songtext
  29. Neon Duet Songtext
  30. Let X = X Songtext
  31. The Mailman's Nightmare Songtext
  32. Difficult Listening Hour Songtext
  33. Language Is A Virus From Outer Space Songtext
  34. Reverb Songtext
  35. If You Can't Talk About It, Point To It Songtext
  36. Violin Walk Songtext
  37. City Song Songtext
  38. Finnish Farmers Songtext
  39. Red Map Songtext
  40. Hey Ah Songtext
  41. Bagpipe Solo Songtext
  42. Steven Weed Songtext
  43. Time And A Half Songtext
  44. Voices On Tape Songtext
  45. Example #22 Songtext
  46. Strike Songtext
  47. False Documents Songtext
  48. New York Social Life Songtext
  49. A Curious Phenomenon Songtext
  50. Yankee See Songtext
  51. I Dreamed I Had To Take A Test... Songtext
  52. Running Dogs Songtext
  53. Four, Three, Two, One Songtext
  54. The Big Top Songtext
  55. It Was Up In The Mountains Songtext
  56. Odd Objects Songtext
  57. Dr. Miller Songtext
  58. Big Science Songtext
  59. Big Science Reprise Songtext
  60. Cello Solo Songtext
  61. It Tango Songtext
  62. Blue Lagoon Songtext
  63. Hothead (La Langue D'Amour) Songtext
  64. Stiff Neck Songtext
  65. Telephone Song Songtext
  66. Sweaters Songtext
  67. We've Got Four Big Clocks (And They're All Ticking) Songtext
  68. Song For Two Jims Songtext
  69. Over The River Songtext
  70. Mach 20 Songtext
  71. Rising Sun Songtext
  72. The Visitor Songtext
  73. The Stranger Songtext
  74. Classified Songtext
  75. Going Somewhere? Songtext
  76. Fireworks Songtext
  77. Dog Show Songtext
  78. Lighting Out For The Territories Songtext
  79. O Superman (For Massenet) Songtext

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