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Übersetzung Kelly Joe Phelps Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Kelly Joe Phelps

  1. May You Never (John Martyn) Songtext
  2. Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues Songtext
  3. Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross (Fanny J. Crosby / William H. Doane) Songtext
  4. Lead Me On Songtext
  5. Crossroad (Robert Johnson) Songtext

Kelly Joe Phelps Alben

Other Songs

  1. Beggar's Oil Songtext
  2. Capman Bootman Songtext
  3. Circle Wars Songtext
  4. Crossroad (Robert Johnson) Songtext
  5. Cypress Grove Songtext
  6. Dock Bogg's Country Blues Songtext
  7. Don Quixote's Windmill Songtext
  8. Down In A Willow Garden (Traditional) Songtext
  9. Doxology Songtext
  10. Fare Thee Well Songtext
  11. Flash Cards Songtext
  12. Footprints Songtext
  13. Go There Songtext
  14. Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues (Danny OKeefe) Songtext
  15. Goodnight Irene Songtext
  16. Hobo's Son Songtext
  17. Hosanna Songtext
  18. I Am The Light Of This World Songtext
  19. I Bid You Goodnight Songtext
  20. I'd Be A Rich Man Songtext
  21. I've Been Converted Songtext
  22. ID Be A Rich Man Songtext
  23. It's James Now Songtext
  24. Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed Songtext
  25. Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross (Fanny J. Crosby / William H. Doane) Songtext
  26. Katy Songtext
  27. Knock Louder Songtext
  28. Lass Of Loch Royale (If I Prove False To Thee) Songtext
  29. Lead Me On Songtext
  30. Leavin' Blues Songtext
  31. Love Me Baby Blues Songtext
  32. Many A Time Songtext
  33. Marking Stone Blues Songtext
  34. May You Never (John Martyn) Songtext
  35. Motherless Children Songtext
  36. Mr. My Go Songtext
  37. Pastures Of Plenty (Woodie Guthrie) Songtext
  38. Piece By Piece Songtext
  39. Pretty Polly (Traditional Inspired By Dock Boggs) Songtext
  40. Prodigal Son (Traditional Inspired By Dock Boggs) Songtext
  41. River Rat Jimmy Songtext
  42. Roll Away The Stone Songtext
  43. Rusting Gate Songtext
  44. Sail The Jordan Songtext
  45. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean Songtext
  46. Slingshot Professionals Songtext
  47. Someone To Save Me Songtext
  48. Taylor John Songtext
  49. That's Alright Songtext
  50. The Black Crow Keeps Flying Songtext
  51. The House Carpenter Songtext
  52. Train Carried My Girl From Town Songtext
  53. Valley To Pray (Traditional) Songtext
  54. Wagoner's Lad (Traditional) Songtext
  55. Wandering Away Songtext
  56. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder Songtext
  57. Where Do I Go Now Songtext
  58. Window Grin Songtext
  59. Without The Light Songtext
  60. Worn Out Songtext
  61. Frankenstein's Party Of Three: Your Table Is Ready Songtext
  62. House Carpenter Songtext

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