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Übersetzung Janis Joplin Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Janis Joplin

  1. To Love Somebody Songtext
  2. Ball And Chain Songtext
  3. Work Me Lord Songtext
  4. Flower In The Sun Songtext
  5. Turtle Blues Songtext

Janis Joplin Alben

Janis (1975)

  1. Mercedes Benz Songtext
  2. Ball And Chain Songtext
  3. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) Songtext
  4. Summertime Songtext
  5. Cry Baby Songtext
  6. Move Over Songtext
  7. Piece Of My Heart Songtext
  8. Port Arthur High School Reunion Songtext
  9. Maybe Songtext
  10. Me And Bobby McGee Songtext
  11. Trouble In Mind Songtext
  12. What Good Can Drinkin' Do Songtext
  13. Silver Threads And Golden Needles Songtext
  14. Mississippi River Songtext
  15. Stealin' Songtext
  16. No Reason For Livin' Songtext
  17. Black Mountain Blues Songtext
  18. Walk Right In Songtext
  19. River Jordan Songtext
  20. Mary Jane Songtext
  21. Kansas City Blues Songtext
  22. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy Songtext
  23. See See Rider Songtext
  24. San Francisco Bay Blues Songtext
  25. Winin' Boy Songtext
  26. Careless Love Songtext
  27. I'll Drown In My Own Tears Songtext
  28. Hesitation Blues Songtext
  29. Easy Rider Songtext
  30. Coo Coo Songtext
  31. Down On Me Songtext
  32. The Last Time Songtext
  33. All Is Loneliness Songtext
  34. Call On Me Songtext
  35. Women Is Losers Songtext
  36. Intruder Songtext
  37. Light Is Faster Than Sound Songtext
  38. Bye, Bye Baby Songtext
  39. Farewell Song Songtext
  40. Flower In The Sun Songtext
  41. Misery'n Songtext
  42. Road Block Songtext
  43. Combination Of The Two Songtext
  44. I Need A Man Songtext
  45. Turtle Blues Songtext
  46. Oh, Sweet Mary Songtext
  47. Catch Me Daddy Songtext
  48. Kozmic Blues Songtext
  49. One Good Man Songtext
  50. Dear Landlord Songtext
  51. To Love Somebody Songtext
  52. As Good As You've Been To This World Songtext
  53. Little Girl Blue Songtext
  54. Work Me Lord Songtext
  55. Raise Your Hand Songtext
  56. One Night Stand Songtext
  57. Tell Mama Songtext
  58. A Woman Left Lonely Songtext
  59. Half Moon Songtext
  60. Happy Birthday, John (Happy Trails) Songtext
  61. My Baby Songtext
  62. Trust Me Songtext
  63. Get It While You Can Songtext

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