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Übersetzung Indigo Girls Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Indigo Girls

  1. Closer To Fine Songtext
  2. Hammer And Nail Songtext
  3. Power Of Two Songtext
  4. Shed Your Skin Songtext
  5. Love The One You're With Songtext

Indigo Girls Alben

Staring Down The Brilliant Dream (2010)

1200 Curfews (1995)

Tuesday's Children (1981)

Other Songs

  1. (Unknown) Songtext
  2. All Along The Watchtower Songtext
  3. Blister In The Sun Songtext
  4. Chiapas Bound Songtext
  5. Christmastime In Washington Songtext
  6. Cowgirl In The Sand Songtext
  7. Don't Give Up On Me, Baby Songtext
  8. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right Songtext
  9. Don't Think Twice Songtext
  10. Draw The Line Songtext
  11. Drift Away Songtext
  12. Driver Education Songtext
  13. Everybody's Waiting For Someone To Come Home Songtext
  14. Everybody's Waiting Songtext
  15. Fire & Rain Songtext
  16. Girls Talk Songtext
  17. Goodnight Irene Songtext
  18. Half Moon Cafe Songtext
  19. Hand In Hand Songtext
  20. Heartache Central Time Songtext
  21. Holy City Songtext
  22. I Shall Be Released Songtext
  23. Jacob's Ladder/This Train Revised Songtext
  24. Jacob's Ladderthis Train Revised Songtext
  25. Johnny Rottentale Songtext
  26. Killing Time Songtext
  27. Knockin' On Heaven's Door Songtext
  28. Leaving Songtext
  29. Letter To Eve Songtext
  30. Life Blood Songtext
  31. Life's So Strange Songtext
  32. Lifeblood Songtext
  33. Lincoln Duncan Songtext
  34. Little Darling Songtext
  35. Love By You Songtext
  36. Love Of The Common People Songtext
  37. Love The One You're With Songtext
  38. Make This House A Home Songtext
  39. Malachy's Songtext
  40. Measure Of Me Songtext
  41. Money Made You Mean Songtext
  42. No Way To Treat A Friend Songtext
  43. None But The Rain Songtext
  44. Nuevas Señoritas Songtext
  45. Our Deliverence Songtext
  46. Peace Song Songtext
  47. Play It Again Sam Songtext
  48. Please Call Me Baby Songtext
  49. Please Call Me, Baby Songtext
  50. Pretty Vision Songtext
  51. Problem Child Songtext
  52. Redemption Song Songtext
  53. Rock And Roll Heaven's Gate Songtext
  54. Rockin' In The Free World Songtext
  55. Running From The Cold Songtext
  56. Should Have Never Crossed Your Path Songtext
  57. Southern Man Songtext
  58. Stand Up Songtext
  59. Summer, Highland Falls Songtext
  60. Summertime Songtext
  61. The Ballad Of Squeaky Fromme Songtext
  62. The Hard Way Songtext
  63. The Mountain Top Songtext
  64. The Untitled Song Songtext
  65. The Water Is Wide Songtext
  66. The Weakness In Me Songtext
  67. They Won't Have Me Songtext
  68. Three County Highway Songtext
  69. Up In Smoke Songtext
  70. Up On The Roof Songtext
  71. Walking Through Fire Songtext
  72. Water Is Wide Songtext
  73. What Was Really Me Songtext
  74. White House Blues Songtext
  75. Wild Horses Songtext
  76. Wild, Wild Party In The Loquat Tree Songtext
  77. Wish You Were Here Songtext
  78. Wood Song Songtext
  79. Amy Ray:Beauty To Disaster Songtext
  80. Amy Ray:Carry Me Away Songtext
  81. Amy Ray:Clues To You Songtext
  82. Amy Ray:Falling Star Songtext
  83. Amy Ray:Free Through Eternity Songtext
  84. Amy Ray:Passing Time Songtext
  85. Angles We Have Heard On High Songtext
  86. Cara Mia Songtext
  87. Chicken Man Songtext
  88. Dear Mr. President Songtext
  89. Our Deliverance Songtext
  90. Don't Know Your Name Songtext
  91. High Horse Songtext
  92. Tuesday's Children Songtext
  93. Sarah McLachlan, Indigo Girls & Jewel:Water Is Wide Songtext

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