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Übersetzung Harry Connick, Jr. Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Harry Connick, Jr.

  1. Elijah Rock Songtext
  2. Oompa Loompa Songtext
  3. A Wink And A Smile Songtext
  4. The Lonely Goatherd Songtext
  5. Promise Me You'll Remember Songtext

Harry Connick, Jr. Alben

What A Night! A Christmas Album (2008)

Harry On Broadway, Act I (2006)

Other Songs

  1. A Wink And A Smile Songtext
  2. All I Need Is The Girl Songtext
  3. All Things Songtext
  4. Bayou Maharajah Songtext
  5. Besame Mucho Songtext
  6. Brown World Songtext
  7. Can't We Tell Songtext
  8. Chanson Du Vieux Carre Songtext
  9. Colomby Day Songtext
  10. Doctor Jazz Songtext
  11. Dumb Luck Songtext
  12. E Songtext
  13. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Songtext
  14. Golden Ticket I Want It Now Songtext
  15. Good To Be Home Songtext
  16. Goodnight My Love Songtext
  17. Harronymous Songtext
  18. Have A Holly Jolly Christmas Songtext
  19. How About Tonight Songtext
  20. Hudson Bommer Songtext
  21. I Like Love More Songtext
  22. I Mean You Songtext
  23. It's All Right With Me Songtext
  24. Jazz Me Blues Songtext
  25. Joe Avery's Piece Songtext
  26. Little Clown Songtext
  27. Little Dancing Girl Songtext
  28. Little Waltz Songtext
  29. Lofty's Roach Souffle Songtext
  30. Lonely Side Songtext
  31. Lose Songtext
  32. Mary Ruth Songtext
  33. My Girl Back Home Songtext
  34. My Little World Songtext
  35. Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square Songtext
  36. Nobody Like You To Menobody Like You To Me Songtext
  37. Occasion Songtext
  38. Oh! Ain't That Sweet Songtext
  39. Oh, My Dear (Something's Gone Wrong) Songtext
  40. Oh, My Nola Songtext
  41. On Green Dolphin Street Songtext
  42. On The Atchison, Topeka, And The Santa Fe Songtext
  43. One Last Pitch (Take Two) Songtext
  44. One Last Pitch Songtext
  45. Only Cause I Dont Have You Songtext
  46. Parle Plus Bas (French Release Only) Songtext
  47. Parle Plus Bas Songtext
  48. Promise Me You'll Remember (Love Theme...) Songtext
  49. Promise Me You'll Remember Songtext
  50. Pure Imagination Candy Man Songtext
  51. Remember The Tarpon Songtext
  52. S'Wonderful Songtext
  53. SWonderful Songtext
  54. Sovereign Lover Songtext
  55. Spot Songtext
  56. St. James Infirmary Blues/ Just A Closer Walk With Thee Songtext
  57. Steam Heat Songtext
  58. Steve Lacy Songtext
  59. Such Love Songtext
  60. Sunny Side Of The Street Songtext
  61. Sweet Georgia Brown Songtext
  62. Take Advantage Songtext
  63. The Most Beautiful Girl Songtext
  64. The Other Hours Songtext
  65. The Way You Look Tonight Songtext
  66. There Once Was A Man Songtext
  67. This Guy's In Love With You Songtext
  68. Tin Roof Blues Songtext
  69. Try A Little Tenderness Songtext
  70. Valentine's Day Songtext
  71. Virgoid Songtext
  72. Vnothin' New For New Year Songtext
  73. Vocation Songtext
  74. What A Waste Songtext
  75. Win Songtext
  76. Wolverine Blues Songtext
  77. Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey ? Songtext
  78. Working In A Coal Mine Songtext
  79. Yes We Can Songtext
  80. You Go To My Head Songtext
  81. You've Got To Be Carefully Taught Songtext
  82. Younger Than Springtime Songtext
  83. Your Own Private Love Songtext
  84. Zealousy Songtext
  85. How Insensitive Songtext
  86. I Need To Be In Love Songtext
  87. My Time Of Day/I've Never Been In Love Before Songtext
  88. She...Blessed Be The One Songtext
  89. (I Could Only) Whisper Your Name (The Mask) Songtext
  90. (It Must Have Been Ol') Santa Claus Songtext
  91. Booze Hound Songtext
  92. Honestly Now (Safety's Just Danger...Out Of Place) Songtext
  93. How Do Y'all Know Songtext
  94. Moment With Me Songtext
  95. Star Turtle, Pt. 1 Songtext
  96. Star Turtle, Pt. 4 Songtext
  97. My Love Songtext
  98. The Bare Necessities Songtext

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