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Übersetzung Golden Earring Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Golden Earring

  1. Radar Love Songtext
  2. Going To The Run Songtext
  3. Twilight Zone Songtext
  4. When The Lady Smiles Songtext
  5. Vanilla Queen Songtext

Golden Earring Alben

The Devil Made Us Do It: 35 Years (2001)

  1. Please Go Songtext
  2. That Day Songtext
  3. If You Leave Me Songtext
  4. Daddy Buy Me A Girl Songtext
  5. Don't Run Too Far Songtext
  6. In My House Songtext
  7. Sound Of The Screaming Day Songtext
  8. Together We Live, Together We Love Songtext
  9. I've Just Lost Somebody Songtext
  10. Dong Dong Diki Diki Dong Songtext
  11. Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart Songtext
  12. Where Will I Be Songtext
  13. Another 45 Miles Songtext
  14. Back Home Songtext
  15. Holy Holy Life Songtext
  16. She Flies On Strange Wings Songtext
  17. Buddy Joe Songtext
  18. Stand By Me Songtext
  19. Radar Love Songtext
  20. Instant Poetry Songtext
  21. Kill Me (Ce Soir) Songtext
  22. Sleepwalkin' Songtext
  23. To The Hilt Songtext
  24. Bombay Songtext
  25. Just Like Vince Taylor Songtext
  26. Movin' Down Life Songtext
  27. Weekend Love Songtext
  28. I Do Rock 'N Roll Songtext
  29. Long Blond Animal Songtext
  30. No For An Answer Songtext
  31. Slow Down Songtext
  32. Twilight Zone Songtext
  33. The Devil Made Me Do It Songtext
  34. When The Lady Smiles Songtext
  35. Clear Night Moonlight Songtext
  36. N.E.W.S. Songtext
  37. Something Heavy Going Down Songtext
  38. Quiet Eyes Songtext
  39. Why Do I Songtext
  40. They Dance Songtext
  41. My Killer My Shadow Songtext
  42. Turn The World Around Songtext
  43. Going To The Run Songtext
  44. Temporary Madness Songtext
  45. Pourin' My Heart Out Again Songtext
  46. I Can't Sleep Without You Songtext
  47. As Long As The Wind Blows Songtext
  48. Hold Me Now Songtext
  49. Johnny Make Believe Songtext
  50. Angel Songtext
  51. This Wheel's On Fire Songtext
  52. Burning Stuntman Songtext
  53. Paradise In Distress Songtext
  54. Yes! We're On Fire Songtext
  55. Things Go Better Songtext
  56. She Won't Come With Me Songtext
  57. It's Allright But I Admit It Could Be Better Songtext
  58. Day And Night Songtext
  59. Did You Really Mean It? Songtext
  60. Lucky Number Songtext
  61. I Need Love Songtext
  62. Hard Bargain Songtext
  63. Give Me Back My Feelings Songtext
  64. Gimme A Break Songtext
  65. The Devil Rides Again Tonight Songtext
  66. My Favourite Spot Songtext
  67. Time Warp Songtext
  68. Don't Stop The Show Songtext
  69. Murdock 9-6182 Songtext
  70. Yellow And Blue Songtext
  71. Try A Little Tenderness Songtext
  72. Miles Away From Nowhere Songtext
  73. Last Blast Of The Century Songtext

Golden Earring (1970)

On The Double (1968)

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