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Übersetzung Fairport Convention Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Fairport Convention

  1. Matty Groves Songtext
  2. Toss The Feathers Songtext
  3. Farewell, Farewell Songtext
  4. Tam Lin Songtext
  5. Crazy Man Michael Songtext

Fairport Convention Alben

Live At The BBC (2007)

  1. Close The Door Lightly When You Go Songtext
  2. I Don't Know Where I Stand Songtext
  3. Some Sweet Day Songtext
  4. You Never Wanted Me Songtext
  5. Nottamun Town Songtext
  6. Marcie Songtext
  7. Night In The City Songtext
  8. Jack O'Diamonds Songtext
  9. Gone Gone Gone Songtext
  10. Suzanne Songtext
  11. If It Feels Good, You Know It Can't Be Wrong Songtext
  12. Eastern Rain Songtext
  13. Fotheringay Songtext
  14. I Still Miss Someone Songtext
  15. Bird On The Wire Songtext
  16. Tried So Hard Songtext
  17. Reno Nevada Songtext
  18. Book Song Songtext
  19. Who Knows Where The Time Goes? Songtext
  20. You're Gonna Need My Help Songtext
  21. Shattering Live Experience Songtext
  22. Cajun Woman Songtext
  23. Autopsy Songtext
  24. Si Tu Dois Partir Songtext
  25. Percy's Song Songtext
  26. Reynardine Songtext
  27. Tam Lin Songtext
  28. Sir Patrick Spens Songtext
  29. Medley: The Lark In The Morning / Rakish Paddy / Foxhunter's Jig / Toss The Feathers Songtext
  30. The Lasy Is A Tramp Songtext
  31. Walk Awhile Songtext
  32. Poor Will And The Jolly Hangman Songtext
  33. Doctor Of Physick Songtext
  34. The Bonny Bunch Of Roses Songtext
  35. Dirty Line (Jigs And Reels) Songtext
  36. Now Be Thankful Songtext
  37. The Journeyman's Grace Songtext
  38. Tokyo Songtext
  39. Matthew, Mark, Luke And John Songtext
  40. Possibly Parsons Green Songtext
  41. Rosie Songtext
  42. John The Gun Songtext
  43. Fiddlestix Songtext
  44. Rising For The Moon Songtext
  45. Down In The Flood Songtext
  46. Let's Get Together Songtext
  47. One Sure Thing Songtext
  48. Lay Down Your Weary Tune Songtext
  49. Chelsea Morning Songtext
  50. Violets Of Dawn Songtext
  51. If (Stomp) Songtext
  52. Time Will Show The Wiser Songtext
  53. If I Had A Ribbon Bow Songtext
  54. Meet On The Ledge Songtext
  55. Light My Fire Songtext
  56. Flatback Caper Songtext
  57. Open The Door Richard Songtext
  58. The Deserter Songtext
  59. The Hangman's Reel Songtext
  60. Sir William Gower Songtext
  61. Banks Of The Sweet Primroses Songtext
  62. Sickness And Diseases Songtext
  63. Bridge Over The River Ash Songtext
  64. Lord Marlborough Songtext
  65. Angel Delight Songtext
  66. Gone, Gone, Gone Songtext
  67. Bird On A Wire Songtext
  68. The Lady Is A Tramp Songtext
  69. If It Feels Good You Know It Can't Be Wrong Songtext
  70. Reno, Nevada Songtext
  71. Matthew, Mark, Luke & John Songtext
  72. Open The Door, Richard Songtext

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Meet On The Ledge The Classic Years 1967-1975 (1999)

Babbacombe Lee (1971)

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