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Beliebte Lieder von Elvis Costello

  1. Sparkling Day Songtext
  2. Pump It Up Songtext
  3. Beautiful Songtext
  4. Alison Songtext
  5. My Aim Is True Songtext

Elvis Costello Alben

Wise Up Ghost (2013)

In Motion Pictures (2012)

National Ransom (2010)

Rock And Roll Music (2007)

My Flame Burns Blue (2006)

The River In Reverse (2006)

Il Sogno (2004)

For The Stars (2001)

  1. Anne Sofie Von Otter & No Wonder Songtext
  2. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Baby Plays Around Songtext
  3. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Go Leave Songtext
  4. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Rope Songtext
  5. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) Songtext
  6. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Broken Bicycles/Junk Songtext
  7. Anne Sofie Von Otter & The Other Woman Songtext
  8. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Like An Angel Passing Through My Room Songtext
  9. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Green Song Songtext
  10. Anne Sofie Von Otter & April After All Songtext
  11. Anne Sofie Von Otter & You Still Believe In Me Songtext
  12. Anne Sofie Von Otter & I Want To Vanish Songtext
  13. Anne Sofie Von Otter & For No One Songtext
  14. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Shamed Into Love Songtext
  15. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Just A Curio Songtext
  16. Anne Sofie Von Otter & This House Is Empty Now Songtext
  17. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Take It With Me Songtext
  18. Anne Sofie Von Otter & For The Stars Songtext
  19. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:No Wonder Songtext
  20. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:Baby Plays Around Songtext
  21. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:Go Leave Songtext
  22. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:Rope Songtext
  23. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) Songtext
  24. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:Broken Bicycles/Junk Songtext
  25. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:The Other Woman Songtext
  26. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:Like An Angel Passing Through My Room Songtext
  27. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:Green Song Songtext
  28. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:April After All Songtext
  29. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:You Still Believe In Me Songtext
  30. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:I Want To Vanish Songtext
  31. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:For No One Songtext
  32. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:Shamed Into Love Songtext
  33. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:Just A Curio Songtext
  34. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:This House Is Empty Now Songtext
  35. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:Take It With Me Songtext
  36. Anne Sofie Von Otter & Elvis Costello:For The Stars Songtext
  37. Shamed Into Love Songtext

The Very Best Of Elvis Costello (1999)

  1. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding Songtext
  2. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:Oliver's Army Songtext
  3. Watching The Detectives Songtext
  4. Alison Songtext
  5. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea Songtext
  6. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:Accidents Will Happen Songtext
  7. Pump It Up Songtext
  8. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down Songtext
  9. Radio Radio Songtext
  10. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:Clubland Songtext
  11. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:Good Year For The Roses Songtext
  12. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:Man Out Of Time Songtext
  13. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:I Wanna Be Loved Songtext
  14. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:Everyday I Write The Book Songtext
  15. Brilliant Disguise Songtext
  16. The Other Side Of Summer Songtext
  17. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:Tokyo Storm Warning Songtext
  18. Sulky Girl Songtext
  19. So Like Candy Songtext
  20. Veronica Songtext
  21. She Songtext
  22. Big Tears Songtext
  23. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:Beyond Belief Songtext
  24. Lipstick Vogue Songtext
  25. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:Green Shirt Songtext
  26. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:Pills And Soap Songtext
  27. Tramp The Dirt Down Songtext
  28. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:Shipbuilding Songtext
  29. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:High Fidelity Songtext
  30. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:New Lace Sleeves Songtext
  31. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes Songtext
  32. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:Talking In The Dark Songtext
  33. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:New Amsterdam Songtext
  34. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:I Hope You're Happy Now Songtext
  35. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:Riot Act Songtext
  36. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:My Funny Valentine Songtext
  37. Indoor Fireworks Songtext
  38. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:Almost Blue Songtext
  39. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:I Want You Songtext
  40. God Give Me Strength Songtext
  41. That Day Is Done Songtext
  42. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:I Want To Vanish Songtext

Extreme Honey: The Very Best Of The Warner Brothers Years (1997)

Brutal Youth (1994)

The Juliet Letters (1993)

Out Of Our Idiot (1987)

Taking Liberties (1980)

Armed Forces (1979)

This Year's Model (1978)

My Aim Is True (1977)

Other Songs

  1. Licence To Kill Songtext
  2. Love For Sale Songtext
  3. Sad About Girls Songtext
  4. The King Of The Unknown Sea Songtext
  5. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:Sad About Girls Songtext
  6. .....And In Every Home Songtext
  7. Are You Havin' Any Fun? Songtext
  8. Boy With A Problem (Demo) Songtext
  9. Come Away, Death Songtext
  10. Crawling In The USA (Soundcheck) Songtext
  11. Crawling To The USA Songtext
  12. Crazy Songtext
  13. Daddy Can I Turn This Songtext
  14. Delivery Man Songtext
  15. Deportee Songtext
  16. Dirty Rotten Shame Songtext
  17. Don't Get Above Your Raising Songtext
  18. Dr. Watson, I Presume Songtext
  19. Dust 2 ... Songtext
  20. Dust Songtext
  21. End Of The Rainbow Songtext
  22. Fire Suite 1 Songtext
  23. Fire Suite 3 Songtext
  24. Fire Suite Reprise Songtext
  25. Forgive Her Anything - Outtake Songtext
  26. Full Force Gale Songtext
  27. Georgia And Her Rival Songtext
  28. Gloomy Sunday Songtext
  29. I Felt The Chill Songtext
  30. I Turn Around Songtext
  31. I'll Make Love To You Songtext
  32. I'll Wear It Proudley (Solo Demo) Songtext
  33. I'm Coming Home Songtext
  34. Imagination Is A Powerful Deceiver Songtext
  35. Impatience Songtext
  36. Innocent When You Dream Songtext
  37. It Tears Me Up Songtext
  38. Judgement Songtext
  39. King Of Confidence Songtext
  40. Kiss Like Your Kiss Songtext
  41. Lost In The Stars Songtext
  42. Man Called Uncle Songtext
  43. Mischievous Ghost Songtext
  44. Mistress And Maid Songtext
  45. Monkey (Japanese Bonus Track) Songtext
  46. My Aim Is True Songtext
  47. Name Of This Thing Is Not Love Songtext
  48. North Songtext
  49. O, Mistress Mine Songtext
  50. Olivers Army Songtext
  51. Put Your Big Toe In The Milk Of Human Kindness Songtext
  52. Quiet About It Songtext
  53. Sally Sue Brown Songtext
  54. Scarlet Tide Songtext
  55. Seconds Of Pleasure Songtext
  56. Shamed Into Love Songtext
  57. Sleepless Nights Songtext
  58. Sparkling Day Songtext
  59. Spell That You Cast Songtext
  60. St. Stephen's Day Murders Songtext
  61. Stalin Malone (Alternate Version) Songtext
  62. Stamping Ground Songtext
  63. Step Inside Love Songtext
  64. Sticks And Stones Songtext
  65. Suffering Face Songtext
  66. Sulfur To Sugarcane Songtext
  67. The Night Before Larry Was Stretched Songtext
  68. The Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line Songtext
  69. The Sharpest Town Songtext
  70. They Didn't Believe Me Songtext
  71. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me Songtext
  72. This Town Songtext
  73. Too Blue Songtext
  74. True Love Ways Songtext
  75. We Oughta Be Ashamed Songtext
  76. When I Was Cruel No.2 Songtext
  77. Who's Gonna Help A Brother Get Further? Songtext
  78. Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Use To Do)? Songtext
  79. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go Songtext
  80. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away Songtext
  81. You've Got To Hide Your Love Songtext
  82. Your Mind Is On Vacation / Your Funeral And My Trial Songtext
  83. It Had To Be You Songtext
  84. George Jones & Elvis Costello:Stranger In The House Songtext
  85. Puck 2 Songtext
  86. That Day Is Done Songtext
  87. Elvis Costello & Mary Coughlan:Mischievous Ghost Songtext
  88. Elvis Costello & The Attractions:Tomorrow's (Just Another Day) Songtext

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