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Übersetzung David Gray Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von David Gray

  1. Sail Away Songtext
  2. Forgetting Songtext
  3. Gulls Songtext
  4. Say Hello Wave Goodbye Songtext
  5. Be Mine Songtext

David Gray Alben

Foundling (2010)

Other Songs

  1. 4:Am Songtext
  2. All The Love Songtext
  3. Ashes In The Wind Songtext
  4. Babylon 2 Songtext
  5. Babylon Ii Songtext
  6. Brushstroke Songtext
  7. Bubbles Songtext
  8. Can't Get Through Songtext
  9. Can't Stand The Confines Songtext
  10. Cry Songtext
  11. Dancing With David Songtext
  12. Destroyer Songtext
  13. Elvis Is Back In The Building Songtext
  14. Engineering Change Songtext
  15. Go Van Gogh Songtext
  16. Grey Sky Morning Songtext
  17. Holding You Songtext
  18. Honey Lately Songtext
  19. I Can't Get Through To Myself Songtext
  20. Irish Rose Songtext
  21. It's Not Easy To Be Me Songtext
  22. Lights Of London Songtext
  23. Lorelei Songtext
  24. Lucky Bags Songtext
  25. Madder Rain Songtext
  26. Mighty Wrong Time Songtext
  27. Monday Morning Songtext
  28. Nowhere To Hide Songtext
  29. Our Moment Of Truth Songtext
  30. Over My Head Songtext
  31. PASSION Songtext
  32. Pale Blue Eyes Songtext
  33. Random Thoughts Songtext
  34. Roots Of Love Songtext
  35. Smile Like You Mean It Songtext
  36. Sock Monkey Rules! Songtext
  37. Sweet Nothings Songtext
  38. Swimming In The Blankets With You Songtext
  39. Swimming In The Blankets Songtext
  40. Tell Me More Lies Songtext
  41. Tell Me Something (Hospital Food) Songtext
  42. The Dark Hills Songtext
  43. The Haunted House Songtext
  44. The Lights Of London Songtext
  45. The Longest Time Songtext
  46. The Otherside Songtext
  47. Through To Myself Songtext
  48. Tired Of Me Songtext
  49. What It Is Songtext
  50. What Should It Matter? Songtext
  51. What Should It Matter Songtext
  52. When I'm Gone Songtext
  53. You're The World To Me Songtext
  54. Youre The World To Me Songtext
  55. Long Gone Now Songtext
  56. 4am Songtext
  57. Briick Walls Songtext
  58. Decipher Songtext
  59. Full Steam Ahead Songtext
  60. Here With Me Songtext
  61. If I Start To Cry Songtext
  62. Illuminate Songtext
  63. L's Soong Songtext
  64. Romantically Helpless Songtext
  65. This Year'S Love Songtext
  66. World To Me Songtext

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