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Übersetzung Daniel Johnston Songtext auf Deutsch

Beliebte Lieder von Daniel Johnston

  1. Honey, I Sure Miss You Songtext
  2. Poor You Songtext
  3. Life In Vain Songtext
  4. The Story Of An Artist Songtext
  5. True Love Will Find You In The End Songtext

Daniel Johnston Alben

Welcome To My World (2006)

White Magic (2004)

Frankenstein Love (1998)

The Lost Recordings (1987)

The Lost Recordings II (1987)

Yip Jump Music (1983)

Yip! Jump Music (1983)

The What Of Whom (1982)

Other Songs

  1. A Lonely Song Songtext
  2. Beatles Songtext
  3. Bloody Rainbow Songtext
  4. Burn Baby Burn Songtext
  5. Casper, The Friendly Ghost Songtext
  6. Come See Me Tonight Songtext
  7. Davinare Songtext
  8. Dead Dog Laughing In The Cloud Songtext
  9. Do You Really Love Me (Aka Tell Me Now) Songtext
  10. Do You Really Love Me Songtext
  11. Don't Be Scared Songtext
  12. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances Songtext
  13. Dream Scream Songtext
  14. Everlasting Love Songtext
  15. Frankenstein Love Songtext
  16. Goldfish And The Frog Songtext
  17. Good Morning You Songtext
  18. Go Songtext
  19. Heart, Mind & Soul Songtext
  20. Held The Hand Songtext
  21. History Of Love (Broken) Songtext
  22. Honey, I Sure Miss You Songtext
  23. Hoping Songtext
  24. I Can't Think Anymore Songtext
  25. I Did Acid With Caroline Songtext
  26. I Live My Broken Dreams Songtext
  27. I Will Be Free Songtext
  28. I'll Never Marry Songtext
  29. ID Like To Say Goodbye Songtext
  30. Impossible Love Songtext
  31. In A Lifetime Songtext
  32. King Kong Songtext
  33. Kool Aid Medley Songtext
  34. Like A Monkey In The Zoo Songtext
  35. Love Forever Songtext
  36. Mask Songtext
  37. My Life Is Starting Over Again Songtext
  38. Never Before Never Again Songtext
  39. Never Relax Songtext
  40. Nothing Songtext
  41. Pinny Pinny Songtext
  42. Put My Love Out The Door Songtext
  43. Rock N Roll Ega Songtext
  44. Rock This Town Songtext
  45. Sad Sac And Tarzan Songtext
  46. Scuttle Butt Songtext
  47. Some Time Spent In Heaven Songtext
  48. Speeding Motorcylce Songtext
  49. Story Of An Artist Songtext
  50. The Beatles Songtext
  51. The Lennon Song Songtext
  52. The Monster Inside Me Songtext
  53. Whiz Kid Songtext
  54. Without Love Songtext
  55. Cathy Cline Songtext
  56. Fake Records Of Rock & Roll Songtext
  57. Freedom Songtext
  58. Girl Of My Dreams Songtext
  59. Happy Talk Songtext
  60. High Horse Songtext
  61. I'd Like To Say Goodbye Songtext
  62. Is & Always Was Songtext
  63. Light Of Day Songtext
  64. Lost In My Infinite Memory Songtext
  65. Mind Movies Songtext
  66. Party Songtext
  67. Queenie The Doggie Songtext
  68. Spook Songtext
  69. Tears Songtext
  70. Without You Songtext
  71. You're Gonna Make It, Joe Songtext

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